Lamborghini at Salon Prive

A convoy like no other: raging bulls on the march to Salon Privé


On a crisp Saturday morning, the roars of naturally aspirated V12 and V10 engines, and flashes of bright Verde Mantis and Giallo paintwork in the Newbury area were the clearest indication that something very special lay ahead. Customers of Lamborghini Pangbourne, managed by the H.R. Owen Group, were gathering one-by-one ahead of creating one of the UK’s largest ever Lamborghini convoys. The destination? A day of rare collector cars, fine dining and regal surroundings at the annual Salon Privé event, held in the grounds of Blenheim Palace.

In total 68 Lamborghinis were to make the journey, and as they parked up ahead of the journey, they formed a visual storytelling of the evolution of the Raging Bull. From timeless Miura classics, into the Countach – unmistakably penned in ‘70s era of wedge design – through to the Diablo and the more recent V12 flagship Lamborghinis, both Murcielago and Aventador. Lining up alongside them were Lamborghini’s lineage of V10-powered cars, beginning with the Gallardo, evolving into the Huracán and even incorporating the recent SSUV, the Urus.



To see 68 Lamborghinis in one place is spectacular enough, but to see among them rarities like the Gallardo Performante Spyder, the Aventador SVJ Roadster 63 Edition – limited to just 63 units globally – and Diablo SV; is a real once-in-a-lifetime experience. And the best was yet to come, as well over 600 cylinders and 40,000 horsepower fired into life and began the 35-mile journey to Blenheim Palace.

Snaking through the Oxfordshire countryside, the trail of Lamborghinis drew astonished glances from pedestrians and drivers as the Lamborghini Pangbourne contingent enjoyed the pin-sharp handling and track-honed performance of their cars. Not to mention the seemingly omnipresent noise of crackling exhausts and roaring Italian-built engines, reverberating throughout the route.

Upon arrival at Salon Privé, drivers were marshalled through a private entrance reserved for the Lamborghini Pangbourne convoy before parking up in their very own display area, for Salon Privé guests to admire throughout the day. As they left their cars, Lamborghini Pangbourne guests headed into the show to admire some of the world’s finest collector cars, with the added bonus of hospitality provided by Boodles within private tent area.

Compliance with the latest coronavirus rules was ensured throughout, with strict hygiene and distancing measures enforced by the H.R. Owen team.

Lamborghini at Salon Prive