Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin Bowmore Reveal

Aston Martin and Bowmore capture spirit of British innovation.

Aston Martin is a quintessentially British brand like no other, recently buoyed by the near-universal praise for the DBX. Fantastic to drive, luxurious and – as you’d expect – absolutely beautiful. But there’s always room for a little extra exclusivity, especially when you’re talking about a one-of-18 Aston Martin DBX Bowmore Edition.

The result of a collaboration with legendary single malt whiskey distillery, Bowmore, this very special DBX has been overhauled by the customisation experts at Q by Aston Martin.  As standard, it’s enrobed in a striking Bowmore Blue, with a thoroughly modern appeal, despite actually being an existing archive colour which has been brought back exclusively by Q by Aston Martin. Customers will have the option to choose an alternative exterior paint colour should they so wish. Bowmore-branded copper inlays, using copper from the original whisky still, have been used to accent the side strakes of the DBX, as a nod to the traditions maintained by the company.

Optional black brake calipers provide a subtlety to the smoked wheels and the overall elegance of the exterior is highlighted by both script and wing Aston Martin badges and Q by Aston Martin fender badges. Customers can choose either the Obsidian Monotone or Copper Tan Metallic/Obsidian Duotone interior, both choices accented throughout by flashes of Bowmore Tweed, reflecting the company’s Islay ancestry. In addition, the interior holds many Q by Aston Martin design details such as polished copper cupholders, and sill plaques, made of recycled copper from the original Bowmore still.

The special edition vehicle is limited to just 18 models, planned for delivery to customers at a private experience in Scotland, home of Bowmore and its famed distillery.