Aston Martin DBX707 Reviews: All the Super-SUV You’ll Ever Need

With the Aston Martin DBX having already received near-perfect reviews in the world’s media, the challenge with the DBX707 was improving the formula without removing the magic. After a rigorous 14-month development, the DBX707 landed in the hands of the first reviewers last week ready for their verdict – and it’s a universal acclaim across the board.

When CEO Tobias Moers arrived at Aston Martin he challenged his engineers to deliver a car that was as comfortable and luxurious as the standard DBX, but delivered an entirely new thrill; more power, more grip and more purity in the driving experience.

It all started with the engine, boosted by more than 150hp over the standard DBX to deliver that headline figure of 707ps. But then the styling was upgraded, often by necessity (the running lights were redesigned for better cooling, for example) and the chassis was overhauled to satisfy Moers’ target of making the DBX 707 the most engaging super SUV on the road today. And thankfully, the media agree.

Britain’s oldest car magazine, Autocar said: “The DBX707 is all the DBX – or even more pertinently, all the super-SUV – you’re ever likely to need. That Aston has done so much to the performance while at the same time retaining most if not all of the comfort and GT prowess of the original is some achievement. Surely no other rival will be able to keep up with it, or display such a breadth of abilities.”

Renowned automotive USA bible, Road & Track said: It’s easy to be bowled over by the numbers, but this is more than a numbers job. Some actual engineering’s gone into the 707 to make it far more athletic, exciting, and adaptable than its lesser sibling. It’s big, silly, and utterly ludicrous. If this is the sign of things to come from Gaydon we’re in for a wild ride. A good one at that.

And the praise just keeps coming. The Sunday Times called it “perhaps one of the best all-round SUVs yet created”. Motor Trend said: “Well, friends, I think Aston Martin has beaten them both (Urus and Cayenne) at the physics-defying super-SUV game. Quattroruote in Italy was equally effusive, along with GQ in Japan, Autovisie in the Netherlands – the whole world agrees, the DBX707 is a gamechanger.

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