Exquisite Taste and High-End Design: Bentley at Alexander James Interiors

Alexander James Interiors’ latest open home event offered more than its usual level of luxury—guests approaching the impressive brick masonry of the Griggs Homes were greeted by a sleek pair of Bentleys, courtesy of HR Owen.
Alexander James offers award-winning luxury interior design to clients all around the world. Their exquisite taste and uncompromisingly high standards have helped them win a loyal following from an audience that appreciates the finer things in life.
Their Griggs Homes event was attended by a collection of developers and high net-worth investors sharing a penchant for craftsmanship in both cars and architecture.  Although guests were supposed to be casting their full-breadth of their attention on the homes, more than few wandered over to look upon the Bentleys—particularly the Bentayga, the new SUV from Crewe.
Bentley - Griggs Homes
Designed as a flawless assembly of both power and luxury, the Bentayga represents a radical rethink of what an SUV can be. With a top speed of 187 mph and acceleration of 0-60 in 4.0 seconds, it brings supercar power to the family-comfort category.
As the evening unfolded, several guests ducked out of the Girggs Homes to nip an intimate moment with the two Bentleys. Drinks and canapes in hand, attendees were invited to examine functions and features in detail, including the 8-speed automatic transmission, 6.0l W12 twin turbo TSI engine, powered tailgate and soft-close doors, and split-folding heated rear 4+1 seats, of the Bentayga.

One guest surmised the experience brilliantly, remarking; “their exquisite engineering and unmistakeable design make the Bentley’s the perfect accompaniment to Alexander James’ offerings for the evening.”
To learn more about the Bentayga or any of the other cars from Bentley, please contact H.R. Owen here.