Bentley Drive Day to Cotswolds Distillery

Gin, whiskey and driving don’t typically go well together but on Friday, 19th June, they paired wonderfully (and safely of course!).

Bentley x 7

Our 7 Bentleys

Twelve guests and seven Bentleys converged on the Broadway Tower for a delicious midday lunch before driving nearly an hour in a convoy to the Cotswolds Distillery in – as the name so readily suggests – the Cotswolds.
Cotswolds Distillery
Though a relatively new name in the world of English scotch and gin, Cotswolds Distillery has rapidly become one of the most sought after names by spirit connoisseurs the world-over.
Using a locally-sourced and environmental conscious distilling process, Cotswolds Distillery makes a variety of spirits one is far more likely to remember than forget.
Both passengers and drivers were treated to a private and comprehensive tour of the facilities including a trip into the distilling area and – most importantly – the tasting room!
Cotswolds Distillery

Cotswolds Distillery

Unfortunately for our generous Bentley drivers, only the passengers were allowed to partake in the tasting.
Thought the forecast on the day called for heavy cloud and rain, the sun showed up in spectacular fashion much to the delight of everyone involved.
Bentley and Cotswolds

Bentley and Cotswolds

At the conclusion of the tour and tasting, everyone departed with smiles and fond memories in tow.
H.R. Owen would like to extend a special thanks to the wonderful staff at Cotswolds Distillery—many thanks for making the day an absolute dream!
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A Wonderful Lineup