Bentley Introduces Exclusive New Golf Range

As one of the most recognisable luxury brands on the planet, it was only a matter of time before Bentley branched out from bespoke cars to bespoke clubs…

…golf clubs that is.
Crafted in partnership with Professional Golf Europe—an undisputed leader of the sport’s industry—Bentley Golf is bringing the very best in cutting-edge club tech to the market.

Expertly crafted, hand-forged heads will be set into world-class steel and graphite shafts, before being fitted with custom leather grips. The engineering behind these clubs taps directly into the storied engineering and superior workmanship used to design automotive hallmarks like the Flying Spur and Continental GT.

And with signature accessories like the all leather Bentley Golf Tour Bag, six-piece Bentley Golf Ball set, Leather Golf Glove, Bag Towel, Umbrella, Leather Scorecard Holder, Cap and logo-emblazoned Bentley Golf Tees, stepping from the car to the course will truly be a seamless transition.

Clubs for a King…a Queen…or a Samurai

Hand-forged by the legendary blacksmiths of Ichikawa—a region of Japan well-known for excellence in steel—these clubs are worthy of golfers seeking the exceptional in both performance and perception.

Both steel and graphite shafts—including Shimada and Seven Dreamers—are available to meet the needs of all golfers, and will be fitted with hand-wrapped, custom leather grips to ensure a supreme handle with every swing.

Bentley Driver

Fuelled by a low-centre of gravity and a tactfully fashioned titanium body, this is a hand-polished driver set in elite Japanese-graphite for precision and power in every drive.

Available in a 90, 10.50, and 120 degree loft, the Bentley Driver consistently produces to a high-launch, minimal spin-drive that leads to maximum distance and straight-away roll.

Bentley Fairway Wood

Like the driver, the Bentley Fairway Wood has been engineered to offer elite distance with uncompromising control. The 150 face is married with a single-piece stainless steel body to ensure the ball soars off the club with spine-tingling velocity, and an adjustable weight system at the rear of the club guarantees minimal sidespin.

Bentley Utility

The result of exquisite breeding between clubs, the Bentley Utility is equal parts fairway and hybrid, suitable of all courses and all conditions.

The shaft—comprised of meticulously layered Japanese graphite—attaches to an 180 lofted club-head that (much like the Bentley Driver) produces a soaring, unwavering shot that leads to huge distance, and markedly lower scores.

Bentley Hybrid

Every golfer, no matter the skill, needs a club that knows how to turn the other cheek. The Bentley hybrid is that club.

Formed for forgiveness, the 210 Bentley Hybrid imitates the play of a long-iron in distance, and the play of a short-iron in control.
Where other clubs punish a player for a mistake, this club offers a helping hand.

Bentley Blade Iron

Channelling the prowess of their forbearers, Japanese craftsman created a razor-sharp iron that truly taps into the samurai heritage of Ichikawa.

Clean lines, uninterrupted curves, and sleek edges make this the signature club in any golf bag, capable of merciless control and flawless execution.

Bentley Cavity Iron

Built for players ranging from high-handicaps to Jordan Spieth, the Cavity Iron is a club that caters to everyone.

Poured from S25C carbon steel, the club head is milled using precise, computer numerical control technology to provide unrivalled consistency with every swing.

Bentley Wedge

Like the Cavity Iron, the Bentley Wedge uses Japanese S25C mild carbon steel and computer numerical control milling for sniper-like accuracy on any approach-shot.

The wedge is available in 520, 560, 600 faces for drop-and-stop performance whether striking from the fringe, rough, sand, or fairway.

Bentley Putter

Cut from a single block of hand-forged S25C carbon steel, and etched with the signature Bentley wings on the sole, everything about the Bentley putter says “Birdie”. The club-head is set onto a low-torque steel shaft for fluidity in feel with every putt.

A superior sheath

On the road, nothing matches a Bentley for peerless performance and uncompromising luxury.

In much the same way, nothing matches a Bentley Golf Bag on the course.
Waterproof, detailed, and guarded by an embroidered flight cover for complete transportability, the Bentley Golf Bag is a statement of both skill and style.

Available in three designs—Cart, Stand, and Tour—the Bentley Golf Bag fuses the technical with the tasteful. It features waterproof zip linings, climate-controlled pockets to keep refreshments cold, an ultra-soft weather-proof valuables pocket, and much, much more.

Accentuated by accessories

When Bentley brand designers sat down with Professional Golf Europe to craft a golf range that was reflective of the British-icon’s legendary luxury, there was an unstated understanding that no detail was too small to overlook.

Bentley Golf Umbrella

Built with a dual-canopy for maximum weather protection in all climes and conditions, the Bentley Golf Umbrella is light, strong, and an ideal complement for any golfer.

Bentley Solid Silver Pitch Fork and Marker

Made in England from true sterling silver and etched with Bentley’s signature knurling, this is a pitch fork that suggests elevated skill and seriousness about the game.

Bentley Leather Score Card Holder

Guard your score from inclement weather this premium leather wallet cut from ultra-soft midnight leather and finished with Highland Hare suede.

Bentley Golf Cap

Stitched with the trademarked Bentley Logo, the 100% pure cotton golf cap commands the respect and regard of everyone on the course.

And these are just a few of the available accessories offered by the brand-new Bentley Golf Range.
To see the full showcase of the Bentley Golf Range be sure to visit the Official Bentley Golf website.