Bentley Mulsanne Speed Blue Train Limited Edition

To mark the 85th anniversary of Bentley Motor’s Speed Six victory over the ‘Blue Train’ in 1930, the luxury car maker is launching the Bentley Mulsanne Speed Blue Train Limited Edition. The car – which makes its first appearance this week during the Techno-Classica auto show in Essen, Germany – is a can’t-miss collectors’ item as only four will be produced.
The Mulsanne Speed  Blue Train' by Mulliner debuts at Techno-Classica
Nearly a century ago, the Chairman of Bentley Motors – Captain Woolf Barnato – was on holiday at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes, when he made a wager with fellow transportation enthusiasts. The wager was simply this:
Could Barnato, driving in his Bentley Speed Six, not only beat the Calais-Mediterraneè Express (Blue Train) to Calais, but arrive in London before the ‘Blue Train’ even arrived at the English Channel?
As fate would have it, he could.
To pay homage to this automotive triumph, the supremely skilled men and women of Bentley’s custom-design division, Mulliner, have created the ‘Blue Train’ Limited Edition.
The car features an array of charming historical references to the original Speed Six, including door panel patterning, dashboard facia and a squared mesh grille. The car also has stylish treadplate plaques inscribed with the phrase “Blue Train 85 Years.”
Thus far, the commentary around the ‘Blue Train’ Limited Edition has been outstanding.
“Blue Train is one of the most famous and celebrated cars in the world, and it perfectly embodies the spirit of Bentley. Woolf Barnato was a three-time Le Mans victor, but winning the Blue Train race captured the public’s imagination, and fuelled the legend of the Bentley Boys. By beating the Calais-Mediterraneè Express he forever guaranteed the Speed Six’s place in automotive history.”
-Richard Charlesworth, Head of the Bentley Heritage Collection
“The fact that we are producing just four of these Limited Editions is highly significant, as Barnato famously made it to the club in London four minutes before the train arrived in Calais. The unique design elements bring back nostalgic memories of one of the most legendary Bentleys of all [time.]”
-Robert Engstler, Regional Director of Bentley Europe
The Mulsanne Speed  Blue Train' by Mulliner debuts at Techno-Classica (1)
For those lucky enough to acquire one of the ‘Blue Train’ Limitied Edition cars, the very first delivery will feature a trimmed Burnt Oak and Camel hide personalised hamper designed to perfectly match the overall interior of the car. Within the hamper, Mulliner has included luxurious leather cutlery holders, a leather rug wrap-around embroidered with ‘Blue Train,’ Robbe & Berking silver plated cutlery, Haviland Limoges porcelain crockery, LINLEY crustal champagne flutes and a 100% Angora picnic blanket, hand-woven in Scotland.
Once again, the Mulsanne Speed Blue Train by Mulliner can be seen at the Techno-Classic Show in Essen (Hall 7) from the 15th to the 19th of April 2015.
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