Bentley Power On Ice 2017 – A Driving Experience Unlike Any Other

This winter, clients of H.R. Owen will have the opportunity to enjoy an experience unlike any other on the edge of the Arctic Circle…
An opportunity to step onto a truly seasonal circuit, one forged atop the frozen lakes and frost-clad tundra…

Bentley Power on Ice 2017

Bentley Power on Ice is a mid-winter, automotive extravaganza that takes place in one of the most majestic, albeit remote, regions of the world, Northern Finland.
This is—without question—the ultimate playground for any all-wheel drive vehicle and the perfect venue to demonstrate the remarkable versatility of the Bentley driving experience.
Drivers will be able to bask in the thrill that is ice-driving while receiving 1-on-1 professional instruction in the art of handling Bentley vehicles in the most extreme conditions.
The bespoke ice circuits will be handcrafted by legendary Bentley driver and four-time World Rally Champion, Juha Kankkunen—famed for setting the world speed ice record in a specially outfitted Bentley Continental GT.
Participants will have the opportunity to drive the Continental GT, Flying Spur, GT3-R, and the brand new Bentayga—an SUV engineered to be at home in the sleet, snow, and ice of the stunning Kuusamo region of Finland.
In addition to the delightful driving duties, Power on Ice will include a host of events for friends, family, and non-drivers looking to make new acquaintances and enjoy some adventure outside the car.
Watch reindeer herders guide their flocks from paddock to paddock, take a single malt at dusk in the private ice bar, decompress in a traditional Finnish smoke sauna, or read and recuperate with a good book by the hearth log fireplace in the lakeside lodge.
Here’s a more regimented look at what H.R. Owen clients can look forward to:


  • Meet at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in the early afternoon and check-in for an exclusively chartered Bentley flight to Kuusamo
  • Transfer to accommodation at Chalet Ruka Peak—followed by welcome drinks and dinner

More on Chalet Ruka Peak

One of Finland’s most luxurious hospitality experiences, Ruka Peak sits atop the stunning Ruka Fell, just a short ride from the Bentley Power on Ice experience.
In addition to its striking beauty, Ruka Peak owns a variety of boutique accommodation options for guests to choose from.
The chalet itself offers the traditional hotel experience, complete with spa, smoke sauna, outdoor Jacuzzi, mineral bath, and meticulously manicured rooms, each with its own private balcony overlooking the valley below.
For a more unique residence, try the Snow Palace—five individual ensuite rooms plus a sauna, kitchen, sitting room, and balcony—the deluxe contemporary apartments, or the traditional Scandinavian-style Ruka Peak cottages.


  • Breakfast at Chalet Ruka Peak
  • Chauffeured to the ice circuit
  • Event briefing and introduction to the Bentley Driving Team
  • The ice driving begins
  • Lunch at the lakeside Bentley Lodge
  • Ice driving resumes
    • Snowmobiles rides are also available
  • Return to Chalet Ruka Peak at sunset
  • Unwinder before dinner, and don arctic suits for evening activities
  • Chauffeured drive into the Arctic forest to meet with dog-sled teams
    • 40-minute dog-sled winter adventure through the woods and across frozen lakes
  • Dinner featuring typical Finnish cuisine, served in the enchanting environment of a reindeer farm
  • Chauffeured drive back to the hotel for some much deserved rest



  • Breakfast at Chalet Ruka Peak
  • Travel to the ice circuit
  • Drive all morning and all afternoon with a little room for lunch in between
    • Snowmobiles and ice-karts are available for those who want to step away from the wheel of a Bentley
  • Chauffeured return to Chalet Ruka Peak
  • Relax before dinner in the traditional Finnish Smoke sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Enjoy a final, hand-crafted meal prepared by prestigious Finnish chefs


  • Final breakfast at Chalet Ruka Peak
  • Chauffeured drive to Kuusamo Airport mid-morning
  • Exclusively chartered private aircraft returns Bentley/H.R. Owen guests to Helsinki Vantaa Airport

An incredible experience, no?
If you’re an H.R. Owen client interested in learning more about Bentley’s Power on Ice experience (being held in January and February of 2017)—or any of the other unique H.R. Owen driving experiences—please contact your local H.R. Owen Bentley dealer.