Bentley Living Wall

Bentley strives for biodiversity with living green wall at Crewe HQ

Bentley Motors has installed a living wall at its headquarters and production facility in Crewe. Designed to increase biodiversity, the installation is the latest step on the British brand’s journey towards becoming the world’s most sustainable luxury car manufacturer.

Located on the side of Bentley’s main production hall, the living wall contains over 2,600 plants. It includes 28 species of ferns, grasses and evergreens, all grown locally and selected to ensure that the walls thrive throughout the year. Each plant is individually potted – and in line with Bentley’s commitment to reduce unnecessary water use, the installation incorporates a special automated watering system to ensure that the plants receive just the right amount of water, whatever the weather.

The installation of the living wall will benefit Bentley’s headquarters and production facility in a number of ways.  Not only is it a tangible demonstration of Bentley’s commitment to ensuring that sustainability is central to everyone’s thinking, it also contributes towards Bentley’s aim to reduce its environmental impact.

Last year, Bentley’s factory site was awarded carbon neutral certification from the Carbon Trust, and the living wall further contributes to reducing carbon from the atmosphere. Over the course of a year the plants in the wall are expected to produce around 40kg of oxygen as well as helping to absorb heat, provide natural insulation and filter VOC toxins and dust.

The living wall will also attract and support local biodiversity. Bentley now has 300,000 bees located in hives at the edge of its factory site and has planted over 1,000 flowers around the site to support them.