Bentley Unifying Spur

Bentley: The ‘Unifying Spur’

Bentley’s Beyond100 strategy was revealed following the brand’s centenary in 2019, promising to reinvent every aspect of Bentley for the next 100 years. One of the first major announcements was its commitment to electrification and carbon neutrality, but now Bentley has also emphasised a future focus on Diversity and Inclusion.

To reinvent the brand, the joint experiences and perspectives of individuals from a broad range of backgrounds with a diverse array of views are necessary. Bentley is setting ambitious targets to achieve its goals, putting Diversity at the heart of its Beyond100 strategy.

To mark this latest announcement, a Flying Spur with a unique design has been revealed; the ‘Unifying Spur’. Led by Bentley designer, Rich Morris, the design team used all nine colours of the progress flag as the coalescing background for a single, unbroken black line, stylised as faces and dancing figures, while also spelling out ‘Love is Love’. The symbolic line unites all people without references to sexuality, creed or race.

Not just a visual and physical statement, the ‘Unifying Spur’ also represents Bentley’s commitment to build diversity within the business. The ultimate aim is to become the world’s most diverse luxury manufacturer, with the target of increasing diversity in management to 30% by 2025.

Dr Astrid Fontaine, Bentley’s Member of the Board for People, Digitalisation and IT explains: “We know that diversity drives success by bringing a greater range of experience, creativity and co-operation to play in business strategy, innovation and decision-making. We also want our business to reflect our global customer base and, most importantly of all, to ensure that we all work in an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to achieve their full potential.

“For us this means ensuring there are colleagues from all walks of life in our management structure, with a particular focus on the representation of women and colleagues from different cultures, ethnicities and nationalities.”