Bentley’s refreshed model portfolio: explained

Bentley has significantly enhanced its model portfolio, offering a varied and superlative selection of the world’s finest cars. Whether you choose from the Azure, Mulliner, S or Speed range, sublime levels of luxury and performance are ensured.

Blending Bentley’s timeless craftsmanship with the latest technological innovations, the new ranges will appeal to those with even the most discerning and sophisticated tastes. Each range has it its own unique characteristics, which makes its strengths easily identifiable when choosing your new Bentley. For example, those who desire the ultimate luxurious driving experience can find exactly what they need in the Mulliner range, while the Speed range satisfies those with a penchant for pure performance.

Azure Range 

Bentley’s Azure range provides a broad choice of exquisite models that offer customers the ultimate in comfort and wellbeing.

Bentley’s world-renowned designers and engineers have combined scientific research and cutting-edge technology with the time-honoured craftsmanship which is synonymous with Bentley. This has given birth to Bentley’s ground-breaking ‘wellbeing behind the wheel’ philosophy, embodied throughout the Azure range.

Five models are available in Azure specification: the Bentayga and Bentayga EWB, the Flying Spur, and the Continental GT and GTC.

Bentayga Azure 

The Bentayga Azure SUV redefines the automotive travelling experience. With its sophisticated all-wheel-drive technology, the Bentayga Azure can effortlessly transport you to the most remote locations of our planet without ever leaving your comfort zone.

Bentayga EWB Azure 

Bentley’s all-new Bentayga Extended Wheelbase model represents an even more profound advance in occupant wellbeing. World-first technology such as Bentley’s Airline Seat, Auto-Climate and Postural Adjust can leave you feeling even more relaxed and refreshed at the end of your journey than when you commenced it.

The luxury SUV’s responsive 4.0-litre V8 engine and sophisticated all-wheel drive technology offers a seamless, flowing and intoxicating driving experience, providing control, safety and reassurance regardless of weather conditions.

Flying Spur Azure

Bringing together the extreme comfort and wellbeing of the Azure range with the exceptional performance of the Flying Spur offers drivers the freedom to choose between a relaxing drive or one that fully utilises the car’s outstanding performance.

In addition to the magnificent 4.0-litre V8 engine, the Flying Spur is also available with a 2.9-litre V6 hybrid, which offers up to 25 miles of serene driving using solely electric power.

Continental GT Azure 

The superlative performance of the Continental GT has been wedded to the tranquil comfort of the Azure range. Four driving modes offer freedom of choice, enabling you to select your preferred setting, whether it be a comfortable and relaxing drive, or one that truly tests the exceptional limits of the Continental GT Azure.

Visually, the Continental GT Azure epitomises the range’s personality of sensory stimulation, with both the exterior and interior offering high levels of personalisation to match your individual taste and needs.

Continental GTC Azure 

The ultimate open-top driving experience, the Continental GTC Azure is equipped with carefully curated features to enhance comfort and wellbeing even further. The car’s highly advanced four-layer roof can be raised or lowered on the move at speeds of up to 30mph, giving you the confidence to seize every opportunity to enjoy the sunshine even in the depths of winter, no matter how fleeting.

The luxury and comfort that characterise the Azure is evident in all its glory throughout the Continental GTC Azure. Handcrafted design details and innovative driver and passenger technologies ensure the Azure spirit of elevated wellbeing is delivered to the full.

Mulliner Range 

The Mulliner range blends bespoke design and freedom of choice with timeless Mulliner style, culminating in the pinnacle of luxury driving. Bentley’s artisan techniques, handed down from generation to generation, create models which delight and enchant not only at first glance, but with every drive you take.

The Continental GT and GTC, along with the Flying Spur, are all part of the Mulliner range, and can be further personalised. Truly beguiling features include unique leather hides for the upholstery, accent-coloured interior details and bespoke embroidery.

Continental GT Mulliner 

Forging the exquisite craftsmanship of the Mulliner range with the supreme performance of the Continental GT, this model epitomises the attention to detail, superlative luxury and invigorating performance that is synonymous with Bentley. Bespoke Mulliner design details create a profound visual statement, and a sumptuous interior setting provides exceptional comfort for occupants, never fading no matter how long the journey.

A choice between an immensely powerful 6.0-litre W12 or a highly responsive 4.0-litre V8 engine means drivers will always have ample reserves of power, while four driving modes give you the freedom to enjoy the near endless possibilities of the Continental GT Mulliner.

Continental GTC Mulliner

 A grand tourer of unrivalled class, elegance and prestige, the Continental GTC Mulliner epitomises luxury. Cutting-edge technology is partnered with magnificent Mulliner design and craftsmanship to facilitate a supremely comfortable and serene drive.

Flying Spur Mulliner 

The pinnacle of automotive luxury, the Flying Spur Mulliner is the embodiment of sheer engineering excellence. With all the fine details of the Mulliner design, including 10-spoke 22” Mulliner wheels featuring self-levelling wheel badges, Mulliner LED welcome lighting and exclusive instrument panel graphics, the Flying Spur Mulliner epitomises grandeur and exceptional depth of character.

As well as the choice of a 6.0-litre W12 or 4.0-litre V8 engine, the Flying Spur Mulliner can also be commissioned with a highly efficient 2.9-litre V6 hybrid.

S Range

Bentley’s new S range places a sharp focus on driving performance and striking sports design, creating an exhilarating yet pleasurable driving experience, all of which is facilitated by the enhancements to the exterior design, interior specification and dynamic system.

All S range models, including the Continental GT and GTC S, Flying Spur S and the Bentayga S, feature Bentley’s acclaimed 4.0-litre V8. The ultra-responsive, superbly smooth engine delivers stimulating performance every time, while the innovative Bentley Dynamic Ride system enhances agility and comfort at every corner.

Unique to this range, however, is the Flying Spur S – the first Bentley S to feature a hybrid engine.

Bentley Continental GT S 

The Continental GT S combines evocative sports styling with exceptional agility, resulting in a luxury grand tourer that sets the pulse raising. Instantly recognisable, thanks to its dark exterior detailing, this is an even sharper visual take on the Continental GT.

A standard-fit Sports exhaust amplifies the spine-tingling cry of the ultra-responsive V8 engine, while the Bentley Dynamic Ride system ensures extreme agility and composure when cornering, no matter how demanding the road.

The road presence of the Continental GT S is enhanced by distinctive S badging, a sleek black gloss grille and stunning brightware. This purposeful design translates to the interior, where a unique two-tone colour split complements the aesthetics of the exterior.

Bentley Continental GTC S 

The awe-inspiring performance and glorious visual details of the S range can be found in abundance in the Continental GTC S. The powerful twin-turbocharged, 542bhp, 4.0-litre V8 sounds even more evocative with the roof down and is even further aurally elevated with Sports mode engaged. Adaptive all-wheel drive technology delivers outstanding grip and traction for superior control in any driving condition.

Inside, the emphasis on performance is further evident in the graphics of the driver instrumentation panel, while fluted, embroidered S design leather seats further amplify the focus on luxury.

Bentley Flying Spur S 

A sporting and striking design instantly marks this model out as a member of the elite S family, and the purposeful design of the Flying Spur S is matched by an exhilarating driving performance. Whether you choose the 4.0-litre V8 or the 2.9-litre V6 hybrid, a superlative driving experience ensues. Advanced all-wheel-drive technology and electronic all-wheel steering ensures the seamless application of the model’s immense power, while supporting agile cornering.

A seminal car in the S range’s history, the Flying Spur S is the first iteration within the range which features a hybrid engine, supporting the move towards more sustainable automotive power.

Bentley Bentayga S

Beautifully unique, the Bentayga S brings the range’s sporting appeal to the luxury SUV. Sharp, purposeful lines on the bodywork, an elongated tailgate spoiler and dark tint headlights and taillights are all suggestive of the phenomenal performance that lurks within.

Propelled by Bentley’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8, the Bentayga S packs a powerful punch, which wonderfully weds the thrill of the S range with the comfort and luxury of the Bentayga.

Speed Range 

The pinnacle of Bentley performance, the Speed range offers unparalleled levels of excitement and driving pleasure. Bentley’s phenomenal 6.0-litre W12 engine powers all models of the Speed range, blending awe-inspiring performance with serene continent-crossing ability.

Continental GT Speed

 The ultimate sports grand tourer, the Continental GT Speed’s exceptional performance and power are balanced supremely with outstanding levels of luxury. Capable of propelling the car from 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds, this is the most powerful production Bentley ever built.

Speed emblems and embroidery reflect the sporting character of the car, and a broad range of configurations enable you to place your own individual touch on the Continental GT Speed.

Continental GTC Speed

 Built to exhilarate, every aspect of the Continental GTC Speed has been designed to elevate the convertible experience to a new level. Unique Speed styling represents a more purposeful and technical take on the world’s greatest grand tourer. Four driving modes can be accessed to optimise the engine, suspension and transmission settings to your personal preference.

Quintessential Bentley elegance is evident throughout the interior and exterior, with features like the rotating dashboard display, which blends artisan craftsmanship with the finest digital technology. Speed embroidery and diamond quilting further adds to the undeniable sporting style of the Continental GTC Speed.

Bentayga Speed 

The ultimate high-performance, luxury SUV, the Bentayga Speed delivers unrivalled power and incredible handling, and is styled in stunning sporting design. The SUV’s twin-turbocharged, 6.0-litre W12 engine generates almost unfathomable levels of performance and provides a thrill like no other, which is perfectly complemented by the advanced Bentley Dynamic Ride system, which delivers exceptional handling.

The exterior detailing of the Bentayga Speed strongly alludes to the SUV’s phenomenal performance, with a dark matrix grille, Speed badging and dark tinted front and rear lights. Similar alluring attention to detail can be found throughout the cabin, with sports-style pedals complementing the performance-inspired graphics on the instrument panel.

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