Control Your Lamborghini With Your Voice

In its quest to integrate more of the latest advanced technologies to improve both performance and convenience, Lamborghini has become the first manufacturer in the world to incorporate Amazon Alexa into one of its vehicles.

The Huracán EVO becomes the world’s first car to allow drivers to control major functions of the car simply by saying ‘Alexa’. Now listening, the car is able to accept voice commands that control climate, navigation, media and ambient lighting, creating fewer reasons for drivers to take their eyes off the road. With Alexa, Lamborghini drivers can simply focus on enjoying the drive.

Amazon Alexa service is also integrated into the Lamborghini Integrated Vehicle Dynamics, and offers connection with other enabled devices. That means, for example, as Lamborghini drivers make their way home they can say: “Alexa, turn the lights on at home” or “Alexa, set the temperature at home to 24 degrees”, preparing for their arrival while still on the journey.

The strategic collaboration with Amazon will allow the Alexa functions inside Lamborghini models to be continuously updated with over the air updates, allowing more and more functionality to added in future.

Existing Huracan EVO owners can enjoy enhanced connected services, as all Lamborghini Connected features are retro-fittable from mid-April 2021, free of charge to Huracan EVO models across when booked for the upgrade at an authorised HR Owen Lamborghini dealership.

The EVO combines a rear-mounted, 5.2-litre, 640bhp V10 with a stunning aerodynamic design and sleek Italian styling. Building on the award-winning Huracán, the EVO adds a series of desirable upgrades to create an even more powerful, track-focused supercar. An all-new aerodynamically efficient front splitter, revised underbody and race-inspired titanium exhaust coalesce to generate five times more downforce than that of the standard Huracán.