Cullinan – The Rolls-Royce SUV Prototype

Those anxiously awaiting news on the progress of the forthcoming Rolls-Royce SUV – code-named Project Cullinan – need wait no longer: selected images of the vehicle’s development have finally hit the web.
Cullinan 1
The photos capture the first of many key milestones in the evolution of the model, giving fans a delicious taste of what they may see on the road at some point in the future.
Based on a cropped Phantom Series II body, the Cullinan is the first phase in an effort to create an all-wheel drive suspension system capable of providing the renowned ride of a Rolls-Royce with “anytime and anywhere” convenience.
The basic frame suggests the potential size of the new car but, as it currently exists, it clearly lacks the intangibles of the high-sided SUV Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will eventually present to its customers in the final version.
Cullinan 2
This experimental take uses a novel, but unproven suspension that Rolls-Royce designers hope to refine into an all-wheel drive system equipped to deliver that famously smooth drive whether cruising on the road or off of it.
Project Cullinan engineers will begin by testing every aspect of the suspension’s on-road behaviour, from throw to high-bodied stability. The Rolls-Royce team will also strenuously test the new suspension across all types of road surfaces from private tracks, to public streets and gravel tracks.
Cullinan 3
The thorough and in-depth testing of Project Cullinan will help Rolls-Royce makers create a car that’s reliable, handsome and capable of always delivering the luxurious experience customers have come to expect from the R.R. brand.
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