DB11 Builds On Famous Aston Martin Heritage

Following the thrill of seeing the electrifying debut of the DBX in Geneva earlier this year, and the exciting unveiling of the James Bond bespoke DB10, Aston Martin have stolen the headlines once again with yet more wonderful news.
The much anticipated replacement for the fabulous DB9 has been announced. The DB11 promises to be a worthy evolution the series bearing the traditional David Brown’s moniker. The anticipated launch of the DB11 is scheduled to be at Geneva in March next year.
While we eagerly await the opportunity to share the official photographs of Aston Martin’s latest addition, we look at the cars which made Aston Martin famous and turned this marque into a beloved British automotive icon.
Aston DB1


Made For: Road
When: 1948-1950
The Car: This was the first car Aston Martin produced after being purchased by David Brown. It was also the last car to have a 3-part grille, before it morphed into the signature face of Aston Martin we know and love today.
Famous: It was the first car to sport the DB moniker, which stood for the initials of the new owner David Brown, thus beginning a long and much loved DB heritage.


Made For: Road
When: 1953-1957
The Car:  This was the car which propelled Aston Martin’s popularity to a new level. At one point they were making 7 cars per week, which in the mid-1950s  was an impressive number for hand built cars.
Famous: Arguably the world’s first hatchback, this is also the real ‘Bond car’, as used by Ian Flemming’s fictional spy, James Bond, in the world famous series of novels.


Made For: Racing
When: 1956-1959
The Car: This is the only Aston Martin to have won the 24 Hours of Le Mans outright. Its racing partner, another DBR1, which finished in second place, was over 200 miles ahead of the car which finished third (a Ferrari 250 GT), thus proving Aston Martin’s prowess in the field.
Famous: The DBR1 was driven by many motorsport legends, including Sir Stirling Moss and Carroll Shelby prior to his AC Cobra days.


Made For: Road
When: 1963-1965
The Car: This is the car which dreams were made from in the early 1960s. Fast, elegant and stunningly designed.
Famous: Two words define this car’s fame– “James Bond”. It would be impossible not to mention the DB5 in a list of famous Aston Martins as it is possibly the most famous car in the world of motion pictures.

Newlywed Royals Leave Wedding Reception(Image Credit: willandkate.love)


Made for: Road
When: 1965-1971
The car: The DB6 was considered to be very daring when it was first introduced. The dynamic design was viewed as risky back in its day yet now we can all admire its brilliance.
Famous : Prince Charles’s DB6 was used in the Royal Wedding celebration of Prince William to Catherine Middleton; complete with “L” plates, strings of cans, bunting and a “Just Married” poster, courtesy of Prince Harry.

Bulldog(Image Credit: Edvc)


Made For: Concept
When: 1979
The Car:  Proving their forward thinking capabilities, the futuristic Bulldog was a genuine concept powered by a 700hp 5.3L twin-turbo V8.
Famous: The most famous car Aston Martin never produced. In fact they only made one.


Made For: Racing
When: 2005-Present
The Car: The DBR9 is an exceedingly impressive racer, claiming trophies and glory across the world.
Famous: The Aston Martin DBR9 won an impressive range of races, including the GT1 class at Le Mans, the 12 Hours of Sebring and many races in ALMS.
DBS Volante V12

DBS Volante V12

Made For: Road
When: 2007-Present
The Car: The DBS Volante is so highly tuned, so powerful, and so perfectly engineered that it could be described as a road-legal track car.
Famous: Sean Connery may have had a DB5 when he was Bond, but Daniel Craig was ripping up the tarmac in a DBS V12. The sound of that engine sends tingles down many a spine.
Aston One77


Made For: Road (and pleasure track)
When: 2009-Present
The Car: It is the ultimate Aston Martin.  Sceptics believe that the 7.3L engines were built now because this sort of car won’t be legal in the future. At launch it had the world’s most powerful naturally aspirated engine.
Famous: Amongst collectors this is the Aston Martin to own, both for pleasure and as a future investment. Only 77 will ever be made..
With so many stunning Aston Martin’s to choose from, picking a top 10 list is difficult. The Vanquish is the ultimate road legal GT, reaching top speeds in excess of 204 mpg, it lives up to its description of speed and luxury without compromise. Whilst the smaller Vantage is the most popular Aston Martin of all time. This ballistic 2 seat sports cars is capable of 0-60mph in just 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 205mph.
Aston Martin have always maintained their strong association with being the favourite cars of the stars, be they European Royalty, celebrities from the world of television or movies, sporting legends,  or captains of the business world. The list of the great and the good who own or have owned an Aston Martin could almost fill a telephone directory, yet one thing that Aston Martin has come to symbolise above all else is Britishness at its sporty fun loving best.
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