ESAVOX Automobili Lamborghini on consignment in London

Normally the announcements surrounding supercars have to do with the cars themselves.
This time, it’s something decidedly different.
For the first time ever, Automobili Lamborghini is introducing a carbon fibre docking station speaker worthy of being associated with its name.
World, meet the ESAVOX. ESAVOX, meet the world.
ESAVOX is a sound system rooted in superior craftsmanship and industry-leading technology, just like the legendary Lamborghini brand.
The story of ESAVOX starts just a couple of kilometres from the design studios at Sant’Agata.
Conceptualised and crafted by iXOOST, a Modenese company that has done nothing short of shock the world with its magnificent speakers that exquisitely blend aesthetic design with marquee engineering, ESAVOX creates sound worthy of the most discerning supercar enthusiasts on the planet.
ESAVOX looks like a natural extension of the Lamborghini—an effect purposely created by IXOOST engineers. It owns a monocoque chassis set in carbon fiber, the original Lamborghini exhaust system with bass reflex pressure control, a passive shock absorber system to dampen vibration, and ceramic supports to ensure a secure fit. Most importantly, every element of the ESAVOX sound-system is hand-crafted and hand-assembled to ensure a degree of flawlessness that is parallel with that of the Lamborghini brand.
For iXOOST, the ESAVOX isn’t their first foray into the realm of luxury sound.
All of their audio docking stations are designed and constructed by hand in Modena, using the same techniques, materials, and passion used in the most famous supercars in the world. Only sixty of these docking stations are designed and produced every year, which means they usually end up in the hands of a select few collectors in the United States, Middle East, and Far East.
When asked about iXOOST’s vision in the production of ESAVOX, founder Matteo Panini explained that “Ferruccio Lamborghini created a unique style for his cars…[they] are designed to thrill both the driver and those who see them. [We] have tried to follow this concept in the design of ESAVOX…[to follow] the idea of Ferruccio Lamborghini that ‘style follows instinct’.”
He continued, “The result of two years of work has led us to create a unique product, with an approach as if it were an actual car: the rear grill recalls the latest models built at Sant’Agata Bolognese, and the hexagonal speakers recall the geometric design so highly prized by Ferruccio Lamborghini and which still today feature on the Lamborghini cars. When you look at ESAVOX it’s like seeing the rear view of a futuristic Lamborghini supercar.”
Indeed, there is something decidedly futuristic about the ESAVOX. Everything about the docking station evokes spine-tingling chills, the same chills evoked by the thunderous roar of a Lamborghini engine as is moves past anything its way on the motorway.
The full technical specifications for the ESAVOX are below:

  • 1 virtual surround system
  • Bluetooth® 4.0
  • Analogue input
  • DSP 24 bit ADC/DAC
  • 800 Watt
  • 125 cm x 65 cm x 50 cm
  • 53 kg

To learn more about the ESAVOX or its upcoming availability during the holiday season, please contact HR OWEN Lamborghini.