Ferrari 296 GTB Reviews Are In: ‘The Best Supercar Available Today’

The reviews for the Ferrari 296 GTB are in, and already Maranello’s plug-in hybrid supercar looks certain to go down in the annals of Ferrari history as one of the true greats.

Car Magazine proclaimed the 296 GTB ‘the finest Ferrari sports car in years’ and Top Gear named it – without hesitation – the ‘best supercar available today.’ Jason Barlow, a Ferrari 355 owner and former Top Gear presenter, even went so far as to say that ‘the early signs are it might just be the most rounded Ferrari of all time. It overflows with the one thing no-one can engineer: soul.’

As with any Ferrari, the powertrain is the 296 GTB’s focal point. The 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 – the first V6 on a Prancing Horse-badged model (not a Dino) – produces a peak output of 654bhp, which is a new production car record for power-to-capacity. Coupled to an electric motor, total output is boosted by 164bhp to 819bhp. With 546lb-ft of torque, the 296 GTB accelerates from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds and all the way to 205mph.

You can read the full reports, and watch video reviews by clicking the links below.


Video review:

5 stars

The latest in a long line of fabulous Ferraris gains EV ability but loses nothing of its drivability. Another benchmark. The 296 GTB feels as natural as any car going, yet there’s 819bhp and extraordinary complexity beneath it.

Auto Express:

5 stars

Video review:

Given the incredible level of power, the 296 GTB is so easy to drive quickly but, importantly, so much fun, too. Yet again Ferrari has put clear water between it and its rivals. If this is how Ferrari will approach electrification in the future, there’s nothing to worry about at all.


4 stars

It’s the routine ability to brake extraordinarily late and feed in torque early which puts this car on top of the handling Olympus. Form a disorderly queue right now for the finest Ferrari sports car in years. Define finest? Accessible high performance, mind-blowing dynamics and style crammed with real substance. Truly the 296 GTB has it all.


5 stars

Video review:

Yet what’s really impressive is how responsive the 296 GTB’s chassis is, and how Ferrari weren’t kidding when they told us that the aim of this car was to make it ‘fun to drive’. It feels highly agile without bordering on being nervous: the steering is typically light and fast, but there’s detail here too, and while the grip levels are very high as you might expect, so the car is also throttle adjustable in a way that can’t help but make you grin.


I thought it would be terrifyingly spikey on track and way too fast for the road, but it was neither. It was approachable on the circuit and awe-inspiring away from it. So much so that, when I arrived back to at Monteblanco, I had to sit quietly for a while and think about what I’d just experienced.

Top Gear Magazine:

10 out of 10

Video review:

A huge accomplishment. A successor to the legendary Dino. A genius bit of technical development. A warning shot across McLaren’s bows. Proof downsizing can improve the breed. Evidence that Ferrari has fully got its head around hybrid and electricity. Any and all are true. But this is probably the one that matters most: the best supercar available today.

Daily Telegraph:

4 stars

After only four laps on the circuit I was sweating, not because the gearbox or the steering are heavy to use; they aren’t. But the loads being imposed on your body are immense, like a racing kart, every side slip, every jolt you feel in your back and arms. Corners are quite literally breathtaking.


Automotive YouTuber, Tim Burton, better known as Shmee150 gives his take on the 296 GTB.


Sam Fane of SeenThroughGlass, a Ferrari 360 owner, discovers the latest in a lineage of mid-engined Ferraris to deliver his verdict.

GQ Magazine:

The early signs are it might just be the most rounded Ferrari of all time it has a rare supercar quality that makes going fast feel completely natural Fortunately, it overflows with the one thing no-one can engineer: soul.

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