Ferrari California T Flies to the Heron

It’s not very often Londoners have an opportunity to see a Ferrari California T cruising the streets of the city and it’s even less frequent – if ever – they get to see one soaring more than 200 feet above the pavement.
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But for the lucky few who were wandering around the Heron Tower this past week, that’s exactly what they had an opportunity to see.
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Why would H.R. Owen allow one of these fabulous machines to be hoisted by a crane 20-plus stories into the air?
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Because on Wednesday, May 27th, the California T will be displayed during an invite-only, private party at the Heron Tower.8 (2)
The exclusive event, hosted by H.R. Owen and Heron International, will give guests the opportunity to view examine both the car and the 6,000 sq. ft. penthouse apartment at their own leisure, while enjoying light refreshments, generous nibbles and an informal dinner.
Topping it all off, guests will be treated to an Exclusive DJ set from Mark Ronson, whose smash-hit Uptown Funk is likely to become the song of the summer.

The California T will spend the evening basking in starlight on the rooftop grotto while guests in the adjoining penthouse make the most of the festivities.
Ferrari’s California T is a beautiful blend of performance, luxury and simplicity—a two-seated, touring sports car complete with a convertible roof that can get from 0 to 100 KM/h in 3.6 seconds thanks to a broad-shouldered V8 engine.
To learn more about the Ferrari California T, please visit your local H.R. Owen dealer.