Ferrari unveils new, naturally aspirated ‘12Cilindri’ Berlinetta and Spider

The latest in a long line of iconic front engined, V12 Ferraris has been unveiled at a spectacular event in Miami Beach. Held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Scuderia’s arrival on US shores, the Ferrari 12Cilindri, as the new car will be known, is appropriately inspired by the Grand Tourers of that era. While the styling may evoke the rear haunches of the 250 GTO and the sleek nose of the Daytona, the rest of the 12Cilindri is thoroughly future-focused.

Receiving the baton from the Ferrari 812 Superfast, the naturally aspirated V12 engine, after which the car is named, produces 830hp, with a blood-curdling redline of 9500rpm. An impressive power curve ensures 80% of the peak 678Nm torque output is available at just 2500rpm, enabling maximum accelerator response without the need for any hybrid or turbocharged assistance.

In combination with the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, which debuted on the SF90 Stradale (responsible for a 30% improvement in shift times versus previous V12 berlinettas), this bestows the 12Cilindri with staggering 0-62mph performance of just 2.9 seconds and a top speed in excess of 210mph.

Aimed at discerning aficionados who demand exceptional standards of driving engagement, comfort, and design, the 12Cilindri delivers groundbreaking dynamics, allowing every ounce of its performance to be exploited to the full. A new, all-aluminium, chassis features improved torsional rigidity and reduced weight, bolstered by a blend of active aerodynamics and advanced underbody design.

The introduction of brake-by-wire technology allows the latest Ferrari innovations to be integrated. The ABS Evo braking system, which debuted on the 296 GTB, and four-wheel independent steering found on the 812 Competizione feature alongside the Virtual Short Wheelbase (PCV) 3.0 and Side Slip Control (SSC) 8.0 systems.

Within, the Ferrari 12Cilindri’s cockpit guarantees superb comfort, even on long journeys, with premium materials and a new 10.25-inch central display in addition to screens ahead of the driver and passenger. The feeling of space and airiness is heightened by a glass roof, while those seeking an even closer relationship with the great outdoors can opt for the 12Cilindri Spider, available from launch alongside the Coupe and equipped with a retractable metal hardtop, deployed in just 14 seconds at speeds of up to 28mph.

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