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H.R. OWEN CTO Brett Ward Speaking at Dreamforce 2022

H.R. OWEN CTO, Brett Ward, responsible for keeping our business at the digital cutting edge, will be speaking at the world’s largest software conference, Dreamforce. Taking place on September 20th-22nd in San Francisco, Dreamforce is an immersive experience featuring keynotes and sessions from visionary thinkers on the future of technology.

Among this year’s speaker list are Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey, former NBA star Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson and a list of high-profile CEOs, including Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO of Salesforce. Brett will be joining Andy Garrett (CIO @Lookers PLC) and Matt Simpkins, (Regional VP Salesforce) for a discussion around ‘The Future of Auto Retailing’, delving into the changes he and his team have implemented to transform H.R. OWEN from a leader in physical luxury car retail, to a pioneer in the customer centric lifetime value ethos. Brett has also been asked to host a Round Table for Senior European CIO / CTOs.

In his role as CTO, Brett has focused transforming the business into a customer centric, connected, and trusted experience for both customers and staff alike. Brett believes that all customers need to have personalised online & offline connected experiences, so to deliver that, they have built a 360 view of their journeys, goals and curiosities along the way.

With the help of their Salesforce Partner, FEASA, they have been able to create a centralised view of Customer records, transactions, communications with retailers, personal preferences and more, which are all automatically captured and filed, then directly integrated into each customer’s profile. It means that each interaction a consumer has, no matter which of H.R. OWEN brands, physical showrooms or third-party platforms it is with, will be of a consistent, up to date quality.

As we approach our 100 year anniversary we are constantly reinventing ourselves to add value to our customers through Electrification, Connected cars, Mobility and Sustainability and all this information will be stored securely within our core services using the GetAUTO Connect API services.

Any modern business likely has a whole host of digital touchpoints, which in the world of H.R. OWEN includes Google, Facebook, Autotrader, the website, direct e-mails and more. To ensure a consistent customer experience, no matter the route, each of these touchpoints is directly connected to the H.R. OWEN CRM Sales Cloud via the GetAUTO Connect API Services. A lead or action is automatically logged and directed to the right person, at the right site, with all the correct information readily available.

Brett Ward, H.R. OWEN CTO, said: “Customer Journey mapping and 360 holistic values are a very complex and difficult process to stitch together. So many brands do this incredibly well, like Amazon or Apple, where any interaction just feels natural. What we’re focusing on is making every interaction seamless; so customers don’t need to repeat information, they don’t need to chase us, they don’t need to make unnecessary phone calls. That means if they want us too, we can deliver personalised, relative marketing directly to them in the medium they want. This could be helping to find winter tyres in the colder months, maintain their car on schedule or take advantage of a calendar of events that we already know they’re interested in.”