H.R. Owen Lamborghini Christmas Tour Proves the fun of a 657-horse Urus Sleigh

H.R. Owen Lamborghini held a unique event for select Urus owners and their guests late last year, providing the perfect chance to stretch the legs of their twin-turbocharged V8s on a continent-crossing Christmas caper.

Beginning at Eastwell Manor Champneys Hotel in Kent, guests enjoyed a driver briefing over a private three-course dinner, before settling in for the night, ahead of a short sprint to the Eurotunnel the following morning.

Once in France, the convoy headed east via Cambrai and through Picardy to the Belgian border. A quick pitstop in Chimay for a lap of the town’s famous road-racing circuit whetted the appetite ahead of a spirited drive through the picturesque forests and rolling hills of the Ardennes. Setting-off cross-country, the tour concluded its first full day at the newly opened Chateau de Mirwart.

Located in a small village in the heart of Saint-Hubert’s forests, the magical castle and its 3000-acre grounds set the scene for a four-course dinner in the hotel’s Michelin-recognised gastronomic restaurant.

Day three saw owners take full advantage of both the Urus’ continent-crossing comfort and supercar DNA, covering 250 miles to the breathtaking five-star Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg. The route took in epic driving roads around the famous Spa Grand Prix circuit, a lunch stop in Nurburg – home of the infamous Nordschleife – and stretches of derestricted German Autobahn, where the Urus’ 190mph top speed could be fully exploited.

The fourth and final day afforded attendees time to explore Cologne’s celebrated Christmas markets, full of festive delights. The ‘Christmas Market at the Cathedral’, located in the Roncalliplatz at heart of the historic city, played host to 150 stands packed with delicious delicacies, plus arts and crafts from all over Europe. With so much on offer, owners were thankful for the 616-litres of luggage space offered by Lamborghini’s first production Super Sport Utility Vehicle, which ensured they transported their Christmas presents home in a style Santa himself would have been proud of.