H.R. Owen Rules the Road at Silverstone

Last week, H.R. Owen invited Rolls-Royce clients past and present to make the most of the legendary circuit—the longest track in the UK, and one of the most demanding.
The two-day event gave H.R. Owen guests the opportunity to get behind the wheel of more than 30 different Rolls-Royce vehicles, and push those vehicles to their very limits across the challenging contours of the UK’s ONLY Formula 1 track
Of the Rolls-Royces the Black Badge Wraith and Ghost were the clear crown jewels. It also served as a wonderful opportunity for guests to compare the nuanced differences between the standard Rolls- Royce Wraith and Ghost against the Black Badge models.
Upon arriving at Silverstone, guests were introduced to The Silverstone Wing—the state-of-the-art Pit and Paddock complex—where they could enjoy world-class facilities, including F1 garages and the Media Café overlooking the track.
For those unfamiliar with the track at Silverstone, its history is nothing short of impressive.
At the conclusion of the World War II Britain found itself with an abundance of airfields, one of which was located outside the village of Silverstone. Due to its central location, this airfield was seen at the time as an idyllic location to create an international-calibre motor racing track in Britain.
In 1948, The Royal Automobile Club orchestrated a 1-year lease from the Air Ministry, and an ex-farmer, James Wilson Brown, was hired to transform the wartime airfield into a race track worth of an international grand prix.
In just two months, Mr. Brown successfully converted the airfield into the space that today plays host to the Formula 1 British Grand Prix.
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