Last Tuesday, Bentley brilliantly merged past and present at H.R. Owen’s famous Jack Barclay Bentley showroom with a glamorous party to mark the return of the Number 10 Bentley Racer to the Le Mans Classic—the first time the famous Bentley Racer has entered Le Mans since 1925.
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Nearly 20 vintage Bentleys and more than 200 guests marked the ceremonious occasion, with the classic cars whipping around tree-lined Berkeley Square as onlookers proudly waived flags of support. Guests were also entertained by live music, drinks, canapés, and some of Bentley’s latest models (including the all-new Bentayga SUV), in addition to the vintage cars.
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When asked why they decided to host the event, H.R. Owen’s Marketing Director, Tom King, said: “…we are proud to celebrate everything that is great about Bentley’s past and present…welcoming the Number 10 car back from Le Mans proved a perfect way to honour the brand. Normally the modern cars turn the heads on Berkeley Square, but this was our opportunity to turn the spotlight over to a most-worthy vehicle from different era.”
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The Number 10 car was prepped and raced by the expert team at William Medcalf Vintage Bentley, whose stringent commitment to authenticity ensured the approach taken to the 2016 race was reflective of that taken in 1925.
“We aimed to make the trip as authentic as possible, and returning to London to a fantastic welcome party kept this going right to the last moment. The original Bentley boys would drive straight to a party at a London location, and Jack Barclay Bentley were able to recreate this atmosphere with sophistication and a real sense of fun.”
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The William Medcalf-led team, drove the Number 10 down through France, competed in the race—where they managed to earn an indexed finishing position of sixth out of 64 cars in their class, hitting a top speed of 91mph down the Mulsanne Straight—and drove back to London by way of William Medcalf Vintage Bentley’s headquarters in Liss, West Sussex.
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“[It] was a privilege to be able to take [the Number 10] back to the place where it made its racing debut more than 90 years ago,” said the William Metcalf team.
“This year’s race…was an epic experience, enjoyable and entertaining for all concerned.”
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To learn more about H.R. Owen Jack Barclay Bentley or its Berkeley Square location in Mayfair, please click here.