All Change at Jack Barclay Bentley

Showroom refit in 90th year of business
The most famous Bentley dealership in the world celebrates its 90th anniversary this year – and true to form they’re looking to the future. Jack Barclay Bentley will be undergoing a major refit in line with the contemporary new Bentley corporate look, though some iconic features of the old showroom will still be retained.
Work started on June 1st with the lift – it has carried a lot of Bentleys up and down over the years – after which the fitting team will be tackling the basement. The first that passers-by will know of the refit will come when attention turns to the ground floor and mezzanine, as the showroom windows will be blacked out from the end of Aug.
Jack Barclay Bentley
The famous brass-handled showroom doors will remain, as will the wood-panelled boardroom. In the showroom the chequered black and white floor tiles will be covered by a smart new floor surface (but carefully protected, should it be needed in years to come). Visitors seeking a nostalgia fix will still find the original black and white tiled floor down in the basement.
H.R.Owen Brand Director, John Stone,  commented, “We’re planning to celebrate Jack Barclay’s 90th Anniversary in great style later in the year, once the showroom refit has been completed. Meanwhile we’ll remain open for business throughout the work, and we’ll aim to keep disruption to a minimum for showroom visitors.”