Jermain Defoe Joins for Wraith Inspired by Film Launch Party

A Star-Struck Night

Legendary British carmaker Rolls-Royce partnered with H.R. Owen this past week to hold a wonderfully posh launch party for the new Wraith Inspired by Film.
The gathering was the car’s very first appearance before the London customer audience and attracted over 70 high-profile guests including famed English footballer Jermain Defoe.

Wraith inspired by Film launch

Wraith and Defoe

In keeping with the car’s cinematic roots, guests enjoyed a variety of film-inspired hospitality including truffled pop-corn, artisanal hot-dogs and exotic ice creams.
To keep everyone on their merry toes, an ample of supply of bubbles were provided by Ruinart, the worlds’ oldest established champagne house.
Wraith inspired by Film launch

Champagne and Smiles

Wraith Inspired by Film launch

Paying homage to Rolls-Royce’s long-standing presence in films of great magnitude, the Wraith ‘Inspired by Film’ is a luxury automobile with roots in the silver screen.
Since the dawn of motion pictures, Rolls-Royce has been making its presence felt in film, be it on-screen or in the lives of industry moguls. Rolls-Royce motor cars have taken leading roles in a number of movies including Goldfinger (1964), The Thomas Crowne Affair (1968) and The Great Gatsby (1974) just to name a few.

Wraith inspired by Film launch

Wraith inspired by Film launch

Like James Bond, the Wraith is a true hero car—suave, sophisticated and capable of packing a powerful punch. It has a flair for the dramatic and always leaves a passer-by breathless.
A veritable silver screen on wheels, the Wraith owns a unique two-tone Silver and Jubilee Silver colour scheme, while a solid-silver hand-cast Spirit of Ecstasy plays against the rest of the exterior.
The coach doors open to reveal an interior reflective of 007 or Thomas Crowne—rich Anthracite leather accented with Casden Tan exudes confidence and a pin-sharp aluminium band layered through the Maccassar Ebony open-pore panelling suggests a steely resolve.
Wraith inspired by Film launch

Jermain Defoe

What’s a Hero Without Power?

The Wraith is the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever made.
With a shorter wheelbase, wider rear track and 624 hp, twin turbo V12 engine, it can get from 0-100kph in as little as 4.6 seconds.
Wraith inspired by Film launch
The car’s dynamic look – featuring the swept lines of a fastback body – and the roar of the V12 engine are a clear signal to any villain walking the street that justice is near.
To learn more about the Rolls-Royce Wraith, please visit H.R. Owen.

Wraith inspired by Film launch

H.R. Owen Rolls-Royce London