Just Call it the Ferrari Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed may need to change its name to the Ferrari Goodwood Festival of Speed after the famous Italian car-maker announced late last week it would make a major splash at this year’s event by rolling in with some of the finest Ferraris ever produced.
Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to see the UK-debut of Ferrari’s newest mid-rear engine V8 supercar – the 488 GTB – and the FXX-K, with both cars scheduled to take on the difficult but wickedly-fun 1.6 mile Goodwood Hill Climb, alongside a Ferrari 458 Challenge.
Ferrari FXX-K
During the event, these two elite Prancing Horses will be joined by a stable of their brothers and sisters to form what is widely considered to be the greatest-ever Ferrari display at the Festival of Speed.
The 488 GTB is Ferrari’s first road-ready, mid-engine twin-turbo V8 since the 288 GTO and F40. It features a 650CV and unique engine management system, allowing it to sustainably deliver torque in a controlled fashion while providing response times more in-line with what would be seen in a traditional V8 engine.
For those less interested in seeing a vehicle they can drive down the street, check out the track-only FXX-K which highlights Ferrari’s commitment to innovation and technology in the racing space. Powered by a thunderous V12 engine, the FXX-K constantly delivers 1050CV. The “K” in its name refers to the “KERS” kinetic energy recovery system it utilises to maximise track performance.
Visitors to the Festival of Speed can watch the 488 GTB fly-by during the Michelin Supercar Run, where it will be joined by four other Ferrari cars:

  • The Ferrari California T
  • The F12 Berlinetta
  • LaFerrari
  • The F12 TRS

Ferrari will also field a 599 XX from the laboratory XX programme and a 2010 Ferrari F10 Formula 1 car driven by former F1 driver Marc Gené.
In addition to the efforts of Ferrari corporate, private Prancing Horse owners will make their presence felt having generously contributed a fabulous collection of vehicles spanning decades of Ferrari history, including:

  • 1953 Ferrari 250MM Classic Endurance Racers
  • 1969 Ferrari 312P Sports Racers
  • 1968-81 1969 Ferrari 712 Sports Racers
  • 1968-81 1970 Ferrari 512M Derek Bell Celebration
  • 1975 Ferrari 312T The Cosworth Years
  • 1976 Ferrari 308 GTB Forest Rally Stage
  • 1979 Ferrari 512 BB/LM Sports Racers
  • 1968-81 1979 Ferrari 312 T4/5 The Cosworth Years
  • 1984 Ferrari 126 C4/M2 The Turbo Era and Beyond
  • 1990 Ferrari 641 The Turbo Era and Beyond

As the festival is just three short weeks away, now would be as good a time as any for Ferrari fans to book their tickets. For more information on Ferrari or the 488 GTB, contact H.R. Owen.