Lamborghini Esperienza Accademia Neve in Livigno

Having pioneered the mid-engine layout with the Miura of the ‘60s, Lamborghini has finely honed the delicate balance of each one of its iconic supercars. It’s a sensation you can experience on the roads, but one you can only fully grasp at the limits of grip and adhesion, as your Lamborghini delicately shifts on its axis with each gentle rise and fall of your foot on the accelerator.

That feeling of total mastery and control is traditionally the preserve of some of the most talented drivers in the world, but during the Lamborghini Esperienza Accademia Neve, it becomes a whole lot more accessible. Taking to a carefully designed Ice Track in the beautiful surroundings of the Italian Alps, guests are expertly tutored in the art of on-the-limit car control in a far safer – and more rewarding – environment.

Our group of H.R. Owen Lamborghini guests joined us on the latest Accademia Neve, hosted in Livigno, with attendees staying in the region’s finest hotel, Lac Salin. It’s the perfect base for two days of extreme Lamborghini driving, complete with luxurious on-site spa, famed restaurant, and tastefully furnished rooms.

On day one, our programme called for relaxed arrivals, followed by welcome cocktails and dinner – arriving to the evening’s restaurant on a snow plough, in the spirit for the first Lamborghini ice driving experience the following morning.

At first light, after a short technical briefing, it was time to hit the ice. With nerves jangling, our guests took the short transfer to Livigno’s dedicated Ice Track for their first glimpse at the fleet of Lamborghinis, waiting for them.

Dedicated sections of the track allow the guests to explore acceleration and braking on the low-grip surface, with large sweeping bends providing the perfect place to get familiar with both over and understeer. The track offers three separate sections for the activities; two large open areas – one used as a skid-pan and the other for slalom races. The third is the carefully sculpted track – which by Day 2 offered the opportunity for timed laps as confidence improved.

Over the course of the two days, our guests become comfortable with the four-wheel-drive reassurance of Huracan and Urus, and to experience the raw thrill of the rear-wheel-drive Huracan STO – the ultimate test of tuition and experience.

After the closing ceremony, for our time on the ice, our H.R. Owen guests were transferred to the ME Hotel in Milan – the perfect end to an exhilarating two days in the snow. Following drinks gazing out over the Milan skyline from Radio Rooftop, guests sat down for the finale dinner at STK Milan, reflecting on a new-found appreciation for the magic of Sant’Agata.

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