Legendary Bentley Blower Arrives at Jack Barclay

For those hoping to look at a piece of automotive history, the legendary Bentley Blower arrived at Jack Barclay this week.
The 1927, 4.5 litre Bentley racer is a modification of an original 6.5 litre design. This model was specially engineered and supercharged by Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin, one of the original Bentley Boys, to race in the 24 Hours de Le Mans, one of the most prestigious events in automotive racing.
Even though W.O. Bentley considered supercharging a Bentley to be sacrilegious, fifty of these Bentleys were built as road cars, with an additional five built for the racing circuit.
Birkin used an Amherst-Villiers, two-rotor, roots-type model supercharger to help the cars put on impressive performances during the 1930 Le Mans (it should be noted, though, that none of the supercharged cars raced in 1930 actually finished the challenge).
Although Birkin died somewhat unceremoniously following a rumoured septic infection, his willingness to challenge W.O. Bentley and supercharge one of Bentley’s cars to create the Blower remains one of the most important moments in the history of Britain’s legendary automobile manufacturer.
For more information on Bentley or to arrange a time to view the Bentley Blower, which will be displayed on the Jack Barclay showroom floor until 18th June, contact Jack Barclay Bentley.