Maserati Grecale Fuoriserie: a special order from Mars

Introducing the Maserati Grecale Mission from Mars, a unique model born out of the Fuoriserie Programme – the brand’s personalisation service that allows customers to create one-of-a-kind Maserati cars, styled by them.

The Mission from Mars takes inspiration from the red mineral dust and metal erosion of the planet Mars and its oxidised rocks. Maserati’s Fuoriserie Programme have finished the one-off car with a special textured metallic paint, appropriately named Galactic Orange, which is used on components inside and out and exudes a molten metal effect.

To complement the distinctive and striking Galactic Orange exterior, the Grecale Mission from Mars features special Vortex Wheels wrapped in grey tyres made from a blend dedicated to the planet Mars. Alongside the Vortex Wheels, the car comes complete with specific badges and the trident on the C-pillar merges into the bodywork, giving it a 2D aspect, in larger proportions than usual. The design of the Trident logo has been revisited with a glitch effect, both symbolising the rhythm of the waves and information incoming from outer space and bringing to mind the feeling of movement at very high speed. The mirror effect is similar to a solar lens, here embedded in the dark orange of the bodywork.

Inside, the interior of the Grecale Mission from Mars is very similar to the regular version, including the massive 12.3-inch screen at the centre of the dashboard, for an all-encompassing experience inside the car and out, all the way to another planet.

Since this was a Grecale designed for Mars, it needs a few unique elements. So, Maserati have included a very special “star chart” on the ceiling, allowing occupants to look up and see a projection of the main constellations – ideal for transporting yourself into spaces left out from most standard atlases. Meanwhile, the seats are inspired by astronauts’ spacesuits and the latest trends in fashion.

Technology also reigns in the cabin upholstery too. The car’s interior uses transverse lasering with a contrasting multi-coloured welded backing, taping, silicone coatings, embossing and debossing on leather, and leverages automotive materials such as Alcantara and leather.

Grecale Mission from Mars is projecting Maserati forward into the future, as a bold synthesis of avant-garde, passion, and unbounded customisation, made possible by Fuoriserie.

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