Maserati expands its range once again with the Quattroporte diesel

Maserati Quattroporte Diesel
The Quattroporte’s 2,987 cc V6 turbo-diesel engine develops 202 kW (275 HP) and delivers an impressive 600 Nm of torque to permit acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.4 seconds.
Maserati’s engineers have developed a sophisticated common rail direct injection fuel system for the new turbo-diesel from VM Motori of Cento, near Ferrara, operating at a pressure of 2000 bar and incorporating short dwell time injectors. The multiple sequential injections permitted by the new system mean high performance, better response and cleaner emissions. The engine is also fitted with a variable geometry turbo with ball bearings for minimum friction and turbo lag and a steel exhaust manifold with Air Gap technology for higher exhaust temperatures and higher energy gas flow. These advanced technologies enable the engine to produce a high specific power output.
The turbo-diesel Quattroporte also features Start & Stop technology, which can reduce, by up to 6%, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, depending on route and traffic intensity. The Start & Stop system switches off the engine when the car stops and starts it again as soon as the brake pedal is released.
It has always been possible to recognise a Maserati from its distinctive engine sound, and the Quattroporte diesel is no exception thanks to Maserati’s new Active Sound system! Two acoustic actuators installed near the exhaust pipes accentuate the distinctive sound of the engine and modulate it according to the way in which the car is driven. If the driver presses the Sport button on the central tunnel, the engine note becomes even more thrilling.
The sound produced by the exhaust system perfectly matches vehicle dynamics, being loud but discrete since very low rpm and fully satisfying customers ears during vehicle progression.
At key on, in NORMAL mode the full bodied sound is pleasant. In SPORT mode, the sound is modified together with other vehicle set ups to further improve vehicle sporty dynamics and becomes louder, wider and clearly sportive.
The result is, for both car occupants and outside listeners, an harmonic and vigorous sound, typically recognised worldwide as “The Maserati Sound”.