Raising the Bar: New Lamborghini Urus Performante

When Lamborghini first revealed the Urus, it was designated as the world’s first Super SUV, blending a 650hp twin-turbo V8 engine with handling and styling developed from the dedicated supercar line-up of Huracán and Aventador. But now, Lamborghini has evolved the Urus once more, creating a faster, lighter more focused variant: the Urus Performante.

Visually, the Performante is immediately distinguished by a range of functional upgrades that subtly convey its additional performance. Wider air curtains at the front from part of a raft of aerodynamic changes, while the optional bare carbon fibre bonnet is a visible representation of the Performante’s dedication to lightweighting. It features the most carbon fibre parts of any car in this segment, reducing weight by nearly 50kg compared with the Urus.

Moving rearwards, you notice the optional bare carbon fiber roof and a new finned spoiler – inspired by the Aventador SVJ – which helps to increase rear downforce by 38%. The lower rear bumper and diffuser is also in carbon fibre with a lightweight titanium Akrapoviç sports exhaust as standard, revealing the full aural drama of the newly tweaked V8.

Inside, the cockpit features Nero Cosmus black Alcantara as standard with a new hexagonal seat stitching design, the trademark Performante trim. This same pattern extends to the door panels, the roof-lining and seat backs. A leather interior is available as an option.

Despite using the same twin-turbo engine as the Urus, the Performante unlocks an additional 16hp for a total of 666hp. Combined with the lighter kerbweight, the Urus Perfomante has the best power-to-weight ratio in its segment, capable of launching from 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds – three-tenths quicker than the standard car.

New steel springs lower the Performante’s chassis by 20 mm, while the track is widened by 16mm, with new wider carbon fibre wheelarches to accommodate it. Forged 22-inch lightweight wheels with titanium bolts are standard, with 23-inch units available – both fitted with specially developed Pirelli Trofeo R tyres.

The front wheel steering is recalibrated for a more immersive experience that provides precise inputs and direct feedback. The rear-wheel steering’s faster intervention increases turn-in agility complemented by torque vectoring on the rear that further sharpens the handling – both on and off-road.

Drive modes are updated to reflect the Urus Performante’s race-inspired character, and a new RALLY mode is added. The ability to oversteer is emphasized, with the anti-roll and damping systems optimized for steel springs on rough and more extreme surfaces, raising the bar for all-terrain handling once again.

The Urus Performante is available to order now. The first customer deliveries are expected before the end of 2022.