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Robb Report names Rimac Nevera Best of the Best

“The Rimac Nevera isn’t just the best hypercar we drove over the past 12 months; it’s a vehicle that permanently redefines the class in terms of what we should expect from this rarest and most extreme breed of automobile.” So wrote the prestigious Robb Report, which named the Rimac Nevera Best Hypercar in its Best of the Best awards for 2022.

This latest accolade for the phenomenal Rimac Nevera comes hot on the wheels of the car being hailed Hypercar of the Year by GQ and Best Electric Performance Car at the Top Gear Electric Awards 2022.

The fact that Rimac will probably have to acquire a larger trophy cabinet comes as no surprise to us here at H.R. Owen, nor will it be a shock to any knowledgeable automotive enthusiast.

After all, the Nevera has been widely acclaimed for achieving levels of road car performance that had previously been considered unattainable, with 0-60mph delivered in just 1.85 seconds and 100mph in only 4.3 seconds. Its 8.582-second quarter-mile time saw it recently confirmed as the world’s fastest accelerating production car, with Rimac Automobili’s test drivers and engineers confident it could go faster still.

Clearly, the Nevera’s mind-warping performance had a profound effect on the Robb Report test team. “Stats such as its crazy 1,914hp and 8.58-second standing quarter-mile time don’t begin to communicate the bizarre, disorienting experience of flattening the Nevera’s right pedal. The car seems to defy physics, its rate of acceleration increasing as it finds more grip, the four electric motors doling out precisely the limit of torque each tire can handle. Nothing comes close to what the Nevera delivers,” concluded the publication.

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