Roll-Royce Christmas Party Kick’s-Off the Season

Offering its signature style, and bottle, after bottle of Armand De Brignac Blanc de Blanc, Rolls-Royce kicked off the holidays season as only Rolls-Royce knows how…
…with magnificence.
The luxury-laden affair spared neither splendour nor expense in creating an unmistakably bespoke start to the most wonderful time of year. The lavish tone for the evening was firmly established at the outset of the evening by the presence of two distinct symbols of splendour—the Rolls-Royce Dawn and Rolls Royce Black Badge—and then amplified by the presence of a sensational sleigh of designer, Bond-street shoes.
The shoes, of which even Mrs. Cringle would be jealous of—were a much-appreciated contribution from world-renowned fashion house Jimmy Choo.
But Mr. Choo wasn’t the only one to get in on the festive fun.
Legendary jeweller and diamond retailer DeBeers offered their own take on the Christmas season—a captivating display of diamonds, glittering and glistening like untrodden frost on a cold winter’s night.
And in between flutes of champagne, and artfully assembled, spirit-infused libations, guests had the opportunity to lose themselves in the jazz-infused musical merriment of Ms. Sarah Evelyn.
As entertaining as the festivities were—and they were most certainly that—the evening was also about gift-giving, the true hallmark of the holidays.
Guests in search of that perfect present to bestow upon friends and family were invited to explore both The Watches of Switzerland—an exhibition of customised timepieces as envisioned and executed by some the finest watchmakers in the world—and the Armand De Brignac champagne tasting.
The crescendo of the evening arrived when a particular guest treated themselves to one of the most exquisite gifts money and taste can buy, by ordering a Rolls-Royce Black Badge with a trunk full of Armand De Brignac.
Happy Christmas to YOU indeed!

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