Rolls-Royce Black Badge

Unique Ghost and Wraith models for customers who aren’t scared of the dark.
There’s a new and daring spirit abroad at Rolls-Royce, and it takes the form of the new Black Badge Ghost and Wraith models. Both express a darker, more assertive style; the Double R badge on the prow, flanks and aft become silver on black, whilst chrome surfaces such as the front grille surround, boot lid finisher, lower air inlet finisher and exhaust pipes, are also now dark. Even the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy is finished in a dramatic high-gloss black.
The new Black Badge models are tailored to the demands of a demanding, non-conformist core of customers, appreciative of the marque’s reputation for excellence but willing to push the boundaries of style and performance. Wheels are crafted in composite carbon fibre and the interior also features aerospace-grade aluminium-threaded carbon fibre surfacing. The air vents are darkened using physical vapour deposition, ensuring the finish is as long-lasting as traditional chrome, while the fascia’s centrepiece is a new Black Badge clock with orange-tipped hands.

Rolls-Royce engineers have subtly revised the power output of the Ghost, conjuring an extra 40hp and 60Nm of torque. Drive sedately and you’ll sense no difference; but once the throttle is depressed beyond 25%, Intuitive Throttle Control brings an increased urgency to the performance, holding gears for longer and shifting up later. Suspension and steering revisions have preserved the Ghost’s unparalleled ride quality while giving more driver focus to the handling.
Wraith is a different proposition. Already the most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce ever, the Black Badge version retains the extraordinary 623hp power output but adds 70Nm to the already towering torque figure. A completely redesigned air-suspension set up, new drive shafts and uprated 8-speed transmission give a tauter handling set up, more physical steering feedback and more neutral cornering characteristics. Both Black Badge models also feature upgraded brakes.
Whichever Black Badge model appeals, Rolls-Royce promises ‘a more spirited and exhilarating drive but in a Rolls-Royce manner’. To be one of the first to take a drive on the dark side, contact our sales team.