Rolls-Royce Celebrates Britain’s Most Important Birthday

Queen Elizabeth II has ruled over Britain for more than 60 years, making her not just the longest-reigning British monarch, but the “longest-reigning queen regent in world history.” Survivor of a world war, confidante to 12 prime ministers—from Winston Churchill to David Cameron—and mother of four children, hers is a life truly worth celebrating.
It is with her many accomplishments in mind that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London decided to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday with a luxury event showcasing the very best of British style.
On 21st April a collection of specially invited H.R. Owen customers gathered amidst the rustic glamour of the Thornton Club, to sip highly thematic red, white, and blue cocktails provided by Mayfair favourite Mr. Foggs.
But the patriotic theme didn’t stop with cocktails—the Queen’s very own printer and bookbinder—Barnard and Westwood—provided all in attendance with celebratory personalised notebooks. Barnard and Westwood have held the Royal Warrant for printing since 1985, marking them as the country’s finest, and suppliers to the royal family.
Royal perfumer Clive Christian displayed his famed ‘Scent of Royalty’ perfume—the most expensive and inaccessible fragrance in the world. Meticulously crafted to capture the very essence of what it means to be royal, the ‘Scent of Royalty was presented in an exquisite diamond-encrusted bottle, plated in 24-carat gold, making it a gift truly fit for a queen of Elizabeth II’s stature.
Aside from arranging the lavish, celebratory affair, Rolls- Royce Motor Cars London contributed to the flair of the evening by not only providing top of the line transport in the form of the Phantom and Dawn, but by commissioning bespoke tailor Richard James to create one-of-a-kind suits to match each Rolls-Royce model.
The Phantom was represented by a handsome black-tie affair, while the Dawn dressed down with a casual unbuttoned shirt and tailored jacket, summoning thoughts of spontaneous country drives and gin-and-tonics on long summer afternoons. H.R. Owen guest were elated to see the character of each car creatively captured in cloth by Richard James’ unique collection.

In addition to creating the custom pieces, Richard James also offered 1-on-1 consultations, helping guests define their style though supremely selected colours, cuts and fabrics.
Top-shelf cocktails, decadent aromas, and high-quality fashion: what a way to ring in a birthday! H.R. Owen was honoured to join Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and the very best of Britain’s luxury craftsman to celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th year.
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