Rolls-Royce Confirms Plan For All-Terrain Vehicle

CEO letter commits to ‘Effortless Everywhere’ model.
Rolls-Royce Logo“When it does not exist, design it.” The board of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars have taken the words of founder Henry Royce to heart, and have committed to the production of a new model Rolls-Royce with the ability to cross any terrain. Rolls-Royces being neither sports cars nor utility vehicles, it’s inappropriate to describe the new model as an SUV, but it’s clearly part of a growing trend towards high luxury, all-wheel drive vehicles exemplified by the recently-announced Bentley Bentayga. Other manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Maserati have also trailed SUV design concepts.
No images or technical details have been released yet; the announcement came in the form of a formal letter signed by both Peter Schwarzenbauer, Chairman and Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, Chief Executive, a charming touch of analogue tradition in a digital world. The letter cites the highly mobile, contemporary lifestyle expectations of its customers and commits Rolls-Royce to meeting them with ‘a high-bodied car, with all-new aluminium architecture’.

Charles Freeston and Rolls-Royce

Charles Freeston driving his Rolls-Royce off-road

Traditionalists concerned about this new departure for Rolls-Royce might like to consider their history. TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) pronounced the armoured Rolls-Royce Ghost ‘more valuable than rubies’ for desert combat during WWI. He entered Damascus in October 1918 in a ‘desert-dirtied Rolls-Royce’. Many of Britain’s minor roads were unsurfaced until the late 1930s, so pre-war Rolls-Royce vehicles needed a good level of all-terrain capability. From that perspective, this new chapter in the company’s history could prove to be back to the future.
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Rolls-Royce New Release Letter