When the Honourable Charles Rolls and Sir Henry Royce joined forces in 1906, their shared vision was to create motor cars that would appeal to the most sophisticated tastes. The new ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’, recently unveiled to luxury connoisseurs and patrons of the brand at Art Basel in Miami, adheres to those company-founding values with stunning and sophisticated surety.

 ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’, comprises of two prêt-à-porter collections– the bold Re‑Belle and striking Fu-Shion. These exquisite ‘objects of desire’ by the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective take inspiration from vibrant hues and textures seen in the world of high fashion, reflecting the eclectic tastes and lifestyle of the luxury clientele.

As works of art in their own right, ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’ opens a gateway to infinite Bespoke possibilities, while expanding even further on the multifarious character of the luxury SUV and its Black Badge alter ego.

“With ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’  we drew inspiration from the world of our patrons – individuals with eclectic tastes who define trends and influence current movements in the fields of art, fashion, and design”, explains Celina Mettang, Bespoke Colour and Material Designer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

“They defy boundaries, challenge conventions and are bold in their expression of individuality. Reflective of their tastes, our ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’ models are designed as statement pieces, perfectly tailored to suit the lifestyles of our clients”.

For those wishing to travel in consummate style, Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’  is available with matching luggage sets, designed to complement each of the four interior themes. The collection comprises of the 24hr Weekender, 48hr Weekender, Holdall, Tote Bag and Organiser Pouch, offered individually or as a five-piece set. Such luxurious standards could only have been dreamt of by the Honourable Charles Rolls and Sir Henry Royce when their Silver Ghost won the 799-mile London-Edinburgh Trial in 1911.

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