Rolls-Royce: Design Perfection, Customisation and Secrecy

Rolls-Royce has become an almost ubiquitous term, encapsulating outstanding quality, engineering perfection, exquisite master craftsmanship and something which seems to have almost become a swear word; class!
The Rolls-Royce Motor Company began as a collaboration between a man with only one year’s worth of formal schooling, who became an engineer with obsessive attention to detail, Henry Royce; and Charles Rolls, an Eton and Cambridge educated son of a Baron who funded his passion for racing cars and aviation by opening a car dealership in London at the turn of the last century. Together they founded a company with a single goal, to create cars for the gentry of unrivalled quality, style and engineering vision. Over 100 years later, the company they formed is still doing exactly that.
There are many luxury sedans on the market, to the extent that the word “luxury” has almost become diluted; that is until you see a Rolls-Royce. Very few master craftsmen, in any field, can compare to the luxurious quality and incredible attention to detail for which Rolls-Royce have carved out a niche at the pinnacle of perfection.  The company still takes its ethos from the inspired words of Sir Henry Royce, “Strive for perfection in everything we do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.”
silver Rolls-Royce
If Charles Rolls and Henry Royce were able to look at the current Rolls-Royce range, one can easily imagine the pride that the Victorian gentlemen would have. The stunning Wraith is the most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce in history; while the unbridled elegance of the Phantom Drop Head is a hedonistic driver’s delight. The Ghost II is a perfect reflection of their iconic status as the pinnacle of luxury for those who are sculpting the future of the modern world.
Rolls-Royce are the masters when it comes to customisation, creating hand crafted cars to meet the automotive fantasies of their owners.  Reflecting the personal style and dreams of their owners be they royalty, movies stars, captains of industry, prime ministers or musical maestros.
While nearly every Phantom and 75% of Ghost models feature an element of bespoke design, this is not the only key to the success of Rolls-Royce. There is another factor that are extremely proud of which brings another dimension of their business, and that is one of extreme secrecy.  They are ferocious in protecting their client’s privacy with the same energy and care as they do their own.
Followers of this premier British marque may recall the spectacular Celestial Phantom with its hundreds of hand set diamonds, unveiled (with the owner’s permission) at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. Or maybe prefer the stunning Rolls-Royce Serenity which its hand woven silk interior, which was on display at Geneva this year. These beautiful vehicles show not only the lengths to which the legendary marque will go to create custom designs for their owners, but also the secrecy surrounding each car before it is unveiled. Naturally, Rolls-Royce have ensured that nobody knows who bought these cars, nor how much they paid.
Rolls-Royce under covers
Looking to the future, the motor press is always creating articles which claim to have the inside track on what the Rolls-Royce SUV will look like, or the Rolls-Royce Dawn. They don’t!
They are masters at ensuring that nobody will see their final vision of the future for each new model until Rolls-Royce are completely happy that their cars meets their own exacting, exemplary standards in terms of design and engineering excellence. They have yet to disappoint and like a fine wine, it is always worth the wait for the optimum enjoyment.
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