Rolls-Royce Phantom Metropolitan Collection

City of Light debut for Phantom Metropolitan
Rolls-Royce Metropolitan Collection
Star of the Rolls-Royce stand at the Paris Mondial de l’Auto was the Phantom Metropolitan Collection, the latest in an exclusive line of Rolls-Royce bespoke editions. It will be one of just 20 Phantoms inspired by the great cities of the world and featuring exquisite craftsmanship in wood, leather and paint.
The Phantom Metropolitan Collection offers owners a number of unique, hand-crafted features. When open, the picnic table presents a bird’s eye view of a city, executed in marquetry using 500 individual wood veneer pieces. On closing the tables, a different perspective reflects the street-level view.
A new leather shade, Aetherius Grey, was specially created to echo the colour palette of the modern city while 6,800 two-tone stitches create an abstract image of a skyscraper on the rear seat flutes. A specially-created clock in the centre console marks 24 great cities and their time zones on its rotating bezel.
The exterior finish Darkest Tungsten was chosen for the Paris motor show car; naturally, customers can choose from the full Rolls-Royce palette of 44,000 colours or even have their own shade hand-mixed. As a finishing touch, the abstract motif of a skyscraper is hand-applied to the coachline.
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Rolls-Royce Metropolitan Collection Dashboard
Rolls-Royce Metropolitan Collection Table