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Marcus Ogden

Specialist Cars: For Enthusiasts, By Enthusiasts, Welcome Marcus Ogden

H.R. Owen Specialist Cars is a business built on passion; selling and maintaining a curated selection of the most incredible luxury and performance cars in the world. Every single member of the team is an automotive aficionado, and the latest addition to the Specialist Cars line-up is no exception. Welcome to our newest Sales Executive, Marcus Ogden.

Marcus is such a huge car enthusiast that he moved away from a successful career in the restaurant industry to pursue his dream of working with some of the most spectacular cars in the world. “I started my career within the motor trade late in life. My other passion is cooking so I worked as a professional chef and restauranteur for many years before making my transition into the world of premium motor cars.”

“This job really takes in the full breadth of the luxury car market, from the Teutonic practicality of Mercedes-Benz to the outlandish flamboyance of Lamborghini and Ferrari. As an enthusiast, it’s superb; most people could only dream of the cars I have the pleasure of looking at and driving daily,” said Marcus.

And Marcus is well versed in driving some very track focused machinery, having owned a Westfield; the super lightweight two-seater sports car that majors on pure driving involvement. His dream car though? A Porsche 911 GT3; one of the most advanced and capable track-focused cars ever built.

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Specialist Cars is H.R. Owen’s all-marques pre-owned performance car dealership, with a stunning selection of the world’s best marques always on display. At the main showroom in Cheltenham, you’ll find the finest high performance pre-owned vehicles, brought together by a passionate, expert and friendly team of people.