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Are the superstars ready for the supercars?

The UK is one of the most desired career destinations for big sport stars from all around the globe. It also brings huge responsibility to make sure these leading sportsmen and women have the least concern and complication in their life away from the sport to maximise their performance and capabilities on the pitch.
Player Care UK
As a leading luxury and sports car dealer in the UK, it’s not unexpected to see many of sports superstars among the H.R. Owen customer database and the same feeling of the responsibility has grown within the company.
Premier Sports Network
Along with other professionals from the UK player support network – including player liaison officers, finance advisors, lawyers, agents and education officers – H.R. Owen has participated and sponsored the Player Care UK event created and organised by “Premier Sports Network” on Monday 9th May.
Sharon Wright
“We acknowledge that highly competitive young sports professionals potentially would enjoy driving fast, high performance vehicles.” Said Sharon Wright, H.R. Owen Special Projects Director. “With this in mind, … duty of care to educate these individuals to be equipped and skilled to responsibly enjoying these most pleasuring of earned assets should be essential.”