The first Ferrari 488 GTB arrives in the UK

There are many glamorous superstars in the world, who you believe you know from their magazine and screen images alone, yet when you see them in the flesh they simply take your breath away.
Ferrari 488 GTB Side View
The Ferrari 488 GTB is just such a superstar, albeit on dynamic 5-spoke, 20 inch alloy wheels.  The 488 GTB has an astonishing 205+MPH V8 engine, which delivers a 0-60 time of only 2.9 seconds.  Which are some remarkable vital statistics.
The visual joy which only comes with a Ferrari of this calibre is also perfectly balanced by the knowledge that this automotive dream can provide track-car standards of performance that can be used on road, every day.
Ferrari 488 GTB Front View
Yet no matter how many photographs you have seen, nobody can prepare you for the sensation you will experience when you see the exquisite beauty of 488 GTB with your own eyes.  We are extremely privileged to be able to enjoy this sensation for a short while as the first 488 in the UK glided into our H.R. Owen Ferrari Atelier showroom in the Berkeley Hotel, London at the weekend.
Naturally, we have included our photographs, but this is one vehicle which really is worth travelling to see in the flesh. However, you will have to hurry as this stunning Ferrari will only be on display for a few more days.
Ferrari 488 GTB Top View
If you would like to discover more about the Ferrari 488 GTB or place your order, please visit the H.R. Owen website or contact our knowledgeable professional Ferrari expert team.