The New Ferrari Purosangue

Welcome to a new era for Ferrari, with the first ever four-door, four-seater car in the Prancing Horse’s history: the Purosangue. Translated as ‘thoroughbred’, the four-wheel-drive Purosangue is a distillation of 75 years of Ferrari DNA into an entirely new type of sports car, powered by a naturally aspirated V12 that can produce up to 725hp.

As with any Ferrari, performance is at the heart of this new era. The engine – more powerful than any other in the segment – is mounted as far back underneath the bonnet as possible to ensure an optimal 49:51 weight distribution. The Purosangue offers class-leading performance figures, accelerating from 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds, and the naturally-aspirated V12 soundtrack deliver a totally unique experience in this segment – one that is classically Ferrari.

The centre of gravity is lowered by a carbon fibre roof as standard and an advanced active suspension system joins a host of cutting-edge Ferrari technologies developed elsewhere in the line-up. The four-wheel-drive system is a development of that seen in the GTC4Lusso, the control logic for that system comes from the SF90 Stradale and the independent four-wheel-steering is developed from the 812 Competizione. It is, quite simply, designed to be the fastest and most thrilling car in its class.

Elegantly designed, both inside and out, the beauty of Purosangue is in the detail. Carefully honed aerodynamics to reduce drag and increase cooling are seamlessly incorporated into a masterpiece of Maranello design. The forged wheels, for example, are designed specifically for the Purosangue based on the same aero concept as those on the SF90 Stradale, in which radial elements help to extract hot air from the wheelarch. These aero appendages gracefully emerge in a three-dimensional form, highlighted with a diamond cut finish.

The rear-hinged back doors open wide to reveal a spacious, luxuriously appointed cabin, neatly summed up as a ‘sporty lounge.’ Four generous heated electric seats are complemented by the largest boot ever featured in a Ferrari. The driver remains at the heart of the experience, with a cockpit inspired by the SF90, which is almost exactly mirrored on the passenger side. This creates an unparalleled feeling of emotional engagement for the front passenger, aided by a 10.2” display that provides all the information required to help them participate in the driving experience. The Purosangue features the entirely digital interface already adopted for the rest of the range.

If you would like to speak to the H.R. Owen Ferrari team about Purosangue you can contact us.