Top Gear lauds open-cockpit fun with Aston Martin V12 Speedster

Aston Martin has been teasing us with snippets of the stunning new V12 Speedster that promises an open-cockpit sensation seldom experienced in other modern sports cars. The thrilling new bespoke specification soon hits UK roads – and famous magazine, Top Gear, has been behind the wheel.

The incredible and historic DBR1 optional specification of Aston Martin’s V12 is a treat not only for the driver but also those that will see the Speedster out in the open. The car pays homage to the history of the famous English marque, featuring looks that bely the age of the vehicle. The design shows cleverly integrated custom elements reminiscent of the Le Mans winning race car that was prolific in the 1950s.

Setting off – with an open-face helmet and a pair of goggles, of course – the Top Gear road test writers said: “The V12 Speedster is comfortable. Softly sprung, compliant, and weirdly easy-going. It’s inherited Aston’s deft but rather light steering. Gone is the meaty feel from the old hydraulically assisted cars, replaced with a Ferrari-like daintiness.

“Once you’ve found a dry road and generated some tyre temperature, the V12 Speedster gels. You learn to stay in third for any sort of bend. You learn that just because you’ve got 691bhp, you needn’t use all of them. Aston says this car’s inspired by 1950s Le Mans racers, but think of it more like a land borne, wing-clipped Spitfire: a giant engine and delicate balance.”

Just 88 examples of the Aston Martin V12 Speedster are available to buyers worldwide. The new car aligns gracefully with a heritage that features not only the exceptional DBR1, but also the breath-taking CC100, which was unveiled in 2013 as a stunning celebration of Aston Martin’s century of sports car excellence. With such a rich and important history, it’s no surprise that the brand should choose to create a dedicated optional DBR1 specification for its new V12 Speedster.

The Top Gear team stopped just short of giving the V12 Speedster full marks, commenting that the car is ‘very focused and hardcore, also strangely gentle and easy-going to drive’. We can’t wait to see these arrive in our Aston Martin showrooms!