Jack Barclay, born John Donald Barclay in 1900, was a man of ambition. As a character, Jack was considered charming, funny and sometimes jovial, but at heart he was a passionate motor enthusiast and determined business man. Through his personal drive and passion, the name of Jack Barclay became the most prestigious in the motor trade since 1927.
Among the many reasons for Jack’s success the biggest was his business ethos, the phrase “service after sales” was coined in the early days of the first Jack Barclay dealership and has been a running thread through the business tapestry ever since. The importance of building and maintaining close friendships with clients has become more prevalent than ever in todays world, with information at our fingertips and more options than can be counted, it is the small details that make all the difference to our customers.

With this in mind, todays representation of Jack Barclay’s dream is the synergy between modernity and heritage. From 1953, the Jack Barclay showroom has stood in the prestigious Berkeley Square, partnered with an exceptional aftersales site at Burr Road. Today they remain in these locations, not only as London motor landmarks, but the biggest Bentley dealership, service and aftersales businesses in the world.
With the support of owners, H.R. Owen, the Jack Barclay showroom has been rejuvenated into a beautiful, light and comfortable space. With nods to the founder and the company’s heritage through many of the original features, the complimentary modern framing shows off both the building and products to the highest of standards. The Jack Barclay charm is very much alive and well in this beautiful new design.
With on-going innovation, the marques have followed the same brief. With the Bentley badge holding as much prestige as ever, the new vehicles that have been released have managed to surpass the expectations of many. From the practicality and utility of the Bentayga, the prowling power of the Flying Spur, to the speed and fun of the Supersports, Bentley have developed quintessential cars for the new age.

One of the crowning jewels of this innovation is, without a doubt, the new Continental GT. The history and popularity of the Bentley Continental is far reaching, and a modern overhaul of the car was a bold move. However, the combination of technology, beauty, luxury and performance in this car is a force to be reckoned with. A beautiful exterior design is complimented by an interior so detailed that it takes your breath away, with incredible features that are not only exceptional looking but immensely practical, this car is truly a motoring diamond.

With these exciting new developments and so many more to come from Jack Barclay Bentley, it is important to never forget the founding phrase, “service after sales”. In mind of this term, whether you are a new customer, an old customer, or not yet a customer at all… We welcome you to join us and experience the best that Jack Barclay has to give. Come along for a drink in our showroom, enjoy discovering the new cars, all that they have to offer and remain a friend.