Donna Ida Launches Sadie Denim Boiler Suit at Rolls-Royce

On Friday, November 27th, the high-fashion partnered with high-luxury for an exclusive release from Donna Ida—the ultimate destination for designer denim curated for the modern wardrobe. Her newest addition to the line?—the Sadie Denim Boiler Suit, a handcrafted and fully-personalised jumpsuit created to complement those with impeccable taste.
An entrepreneur, Mayfair Socialiser, and former featurette in the Rolls-Royce magazine, Donna has a keen eye for quality and has built a booming business by aligning herself with other premium brands.  When presented with the opportunity to host the Boiler Suit release party at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in London, Donna didn’t hesitate to take full-advantage.
More than 50 influencers from the London fashion scene attended the four-hour event (8AM to 12PM). After collecting their very own Sadie Denim Boiler Suit, guests were given the opportunity to choose their own transfers and personalised flair.
Photobooths were available for those who wanted to snap a quick shot in their new gear, and all were able to jump into one of the many Rolls-Royces on display for a selfie under the starlight headlined roof!
For more information on upcoming events, or to see if Rolls-Royce Motor Cars would be the right venue for your next special occasion, contact H.R. Owen here.

About Donna Ida

Sydney-born Donna Ida is one of London’s foremost fashion designers with a penchant for knowing what’s-what in the world of denim.
Her stores are a place of sanctuary for women who want the best of both style and comfort—a denim haven with friendly staff and intimate knowledge of the finest designer denim brands in the world.
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