Bentley Centenary Specification

Distinctive option pack for models built during Bentley’s 100th year
In October 1919, the first-ever Bentley engine burst into life, beginning a century-long adventure that includes six Le Mans victories, tales of legendary daring and a succession of gloriously-crafted, fast and inimitably British grand tourers. Such an important anniversary deserves to be celebrated, and the Centenary Specification allows owners of all 2019-built Bentleys to commemorate a unique year in the marque’s history.

The visual theme of the Centenary Specification is a special gold, perhaps inspired by the pale gold colour of the radiator shells that the original Cricklewood Bentleys sported, made of cupronickel, or ‘German Silver’. The shade isthe work of the talented Colour and Trim team at Crewe and the warm, deep and rich tone is created by super fine aluminium flakes coated in iron oxide and paliochrome gold.


You’ll find this unique gold on the bonnet badge, boot badge and wheel centres framing the Bentley ‘B’ on the Centenary Specification cars, while the bonnet and boot badges will also feature the dates 1919-2019.

As you step inside, the treadplates also feature the dates 1919-2019, while the Centenary gold Bentley wings adorn the gear lever and the steering wheel. The same gold is also used for the key’s ‘wings’ logo, and as a finishing touch the Mulliner welcome light is unique to the Centenary Specification.


While all these features are included in the Centenary Specification, there’s also the option of Centenary Gold stitching for the contrast and cross-stitching of the upholstery and leather trim. When this option is chosen, the Bentley wings on the seatback and the headrest will also be embroidered in this colour. The Centenary Gold stitching and embroidery can only be ordered for cars with mono-colour interiors.

The Centenary Specification is available for all models in the Bentley range, from the bespoke Mulsanne to the Bentayga SUV, but can only be ordered from October 2018. You can however, enquire on the Centenary Specification Bentley from now. The order books will be closing for the 2019 build programme in autumn 2019. Worth bearing in mind if you fancy owning a historic and potentially collectible Bentley in 2019.