H.R. Owen Launches Classic Cars Service

From the present to the past

After more than 80 years of dealing exclusively in the new and used luxury car business, H.R. Owen – the world’s leading luxury car dealer – is expanding its operation into the domain of classics.
Tom King, Marketing Director for H.R. Owen said:

For the past few years we’ve been watching the ever-growing classic car market and listening to an increasing amount of H.R. Owen customers who either want to buy a classic from us or want us to help them source a classic. But before we fully committed ourselves to the classic car market we wanted to make sure we had an offering worthy of the H.R. Owen name. With H.R. Owen Classic Cars we’re confident that the reputation we’ve built as the world’s leading luxury car dealer is set to flourish further.

As announced during this year’s Classic & Sports Car – The London Show (held from October 30th to November 1st), H.R. Owen Classic Cars will lean on its unrivalled network of automotive aficionados to source and sell the finest classic cars from across the globe.
The premier purveyor of the world’s most sought-after automotive brands – including Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini – H.R. Owen brings trust, credibility, and a stable of talented technicians to the classic car market.
Those technicians, coupled with on-demand 24/7 support, will form the backbone of a concerted focus to provide H.R. Owen Classic Cars clients with impeccable customer service—the traditional cornerstone of the H.R. Owen dealership experience.
Though H.R. Owen Classic Cars will specialise in the iconic Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Aston Martins of the ‘80s and ‘90s, every vehicle sold by H.R. Owen Classic Cars will be comprehensively examined in accordance with the original build-specification records to ensure each car is as it was the day it left the factory.

Ferrari’s good fortune

Speaking of factory, classic Ferrari owners are especially in luck.
H.R. Owen – 2015 recipient of Ferrari’s Global Dealer of the Year – will provide factory-standard servicing, full restorations, and end-to-end repairs for classic Ferrari’s at its 22,000 square-foot north London facility, the UK’s largest and best-equipped aftersales centre. The structure houses 22 work bays, an engine overhaul room, industry-leading diagnostic tools, highly-specialised repair equipment, and a fully-dedicated wet area.
Offering a range of fixed-price servicing options, the new service centre will handle everything from basic oil changes to full-scale restoration work on all Ferrari models, regardless of age. Most importantly, all repairs, alterations, and fine-tuning will be conducted by Modena-trained technicians.
The Ferrari technician team will be led by Technical Manager Attilio Romano, a classic car guru if ever there was one.
Launching his career in 1979, Attilio entered the market with Lotus and Lancia, before going on to work with Bugatti – he was the first factory-registered technician certified to work on the Veyron, and a part of the EB110 launch – and Ferrari Modena.
He has since won a host of manufacturer awards, and has proudly worked for H.R. Owen for the last two decades.
Acting as Attilio’s right hand is Vito Martuccio, one of H.R. Owen’s youngest technicians and a recently-announced finalist in the 2015 Ferrari World Technician Challenge.
Service Manager Tony Vaccaro will act as the main overseer of the H.R. Owen Classic Cars service facility.
When asked about expanding their service offerings to include classics, Tony, who has worked for H.R. Owen for over a decade, said:

We have looked after [luxury cars] from across the world for over 40 years, and the cars that are now classed as ‘classic’ were maintained by us when [they were] new. Having that experience in-house means we are best placed to look after any classic…as we know the cars inside out.

Another feather in the cap

The high-calibre service to be provided by H.R. Owen Classic Cars is yet another demonstration of the end-to-end approach H.R. Owen aims to take with its clients.
In conjunction with the recently launched H.R. Owen Classic Cars division, the H.R. Owen Group will continue to deliver sales services for premium luxury cars, insurance services, luxury car hire, and chauffeured drives.
For more information on the launch of H.R. Owen Classic Cars, or any of H.R. Owen’s operations, please visit the main website here.