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Protect your pride and joy from theft with trusted H. R. Owen partner, Global Telemetrics

With car thefts increasing by 29 percent over the last year, and luxury cars making particularly alluring targets, it’s never made better sense to have a reliable tracking solution in place. H. R. Owen partner, Global Telemetrics’ trackers, were responsible for a total of £38.6 million worth of recovered vehicles in 2022, giving owners peace of mind that their pride and joy can still be located even if the worst should happen.

Already this year, the Global Telemetrics Repatriations Team has worked with police to recover Aston Martins, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and Rolls-Royces worth more than £9.5m. Quite aside from the financial implications of being a victim of a successful theft, the unique history, design and meaning imbued within many performance and luxury make them irreplaceable to owners, leaving an insurance payout as little consolation and making state-of-the-art tracking an essential line of defence. 

The Global Telemetrics S5+ offers constantly monitored protection for your vehicle with the added comfort of remote immobilisation, which can be deployed in a theft situation as per police request. The s5+ is supported by two Bluetooth Driver Detection Cards, which will alert the Global Telemetrics Control Centre if the vehicle is moved without a card present or switched on.

Featuring the highest possible Thatcham Security Certification, global monitoring coverage, multiple tracking technologies and a complementary iOS/Android app for remote vehicle monitoring, the S5+ provides unrivalled tracking capability, vastly increasing the likelihood of a stolen vehicle being successfully retrieved.

Further still, the S5+ iMob utilises all of the features and benefits of the S5+ system with the extra security of No Tag, No Start immobilisation. Supported by a Bluetooth Driver Detection card, the vehicle will remain immobilised if a card is not scanned by the installed device. Placing an additional barrier between a thief and success, the S5+ iMob offers maximum protection without detracting from your driving pleasure.

Our H.R. Owen teams will be pleased to fit a Global Telemetrics tracker to your vehicle for additional peace of mind, so please do get in touch to learn more.