60 Years of an Icon: celebrating the Maserati Quattroporte

Steeped in rich heritage and accolade, the Maserati Quattroporte has been a jewel in the crown of the Italian marque since its first appearance at the 1963 Turin Motor Show. Now, 60 years on, we are celebrating the magic of the Quattroporte and its longstanding success as one of the world’s most desirable and fascinating luxury sport saloons.

From the bold and pioneering first edition that made its debut in Turin six decades ago, the Quattroporte has continued to set new standards in luxury and performance, adapting to the times without ever losing its regal, alluring identity.

As the years, technology and engineering practices have advanced, so too did the Quattroporte, thanks to the passion and talent of those involved in developing the iconic car. Over the decades, coachbuilding and design royalty such as Frua, Pininfarina and De Tomaso applied their delicate and intricate skills to make the Quattroporte the epitome of style, class and elegance.

All the while, six generations of supremely talented and passionate engineers at Maserati’s home in Modena have developed the Quattroporte, embracing innovation and respecting legacy. From the sporting eight-cylinder first edition, to the award-winning third-generation, and currently in its current sixth-generation guise, the Quattroporte has retained its status and pedigree as an undisputed icon.

The embodiment of unique luxury thanks to its refinement, attention to detail and supreme performance, Quattroporte has maintained its status as the Trident’s most beloved segment. Bridging the transition from one millennium to another, travelling innumerable miles and transcending cultures by making its way into the garages of collectors and royalty, plus featuring in over 60 films, Quattroporte remains Maserati’s flagship.