H. R. Owen’s Lamborghini Revueltos take centre stage in London

It takes a lot to command attention on the streets of London, where car fans have become accustomed to seeing some of the world’s most desirable models.

But even the city’s dedicated army of car spotters were stopped in their tracks when four new Lamborghini Revueltos went out for a weekend spin from H. R. Owen’s dedicated Lamborghini showroom in the heart of South Kensington.

The quartet turned heads at every point on their route, which took in some of London’s most illustrious roads, stretching from Queens Gate through Knightsbridge to Berkeley Square in the heart of Mayfair.

With each Revuelto painted a distinct colour – one orange, one yellow, one grey and one white – the convoy provided a visual feast for onlookers intrigued by the effortless blend of classic Lamborghini styling and innovative new design themes.

As befits the Lamborghini brand, outlandish styling is accompanied by an aural treat, too, as the potential of Sant’Agata’s latest creation was made abundantly clear via the constant presence of the 6.5-litre V12 engine’s menacing soundtrack.

Of course, in the plug-in hybrid Revuelto, the engine is paired with three electric motors – two on the front axle, and one integrated into the gearbox – with each producing 147bhp.

The result is a combined output of 1,000bhp, which, when combined with the lightweight construction – courtesy of an advanced carbon-fibre tub – and exceptional aerodynamics has produced the most potent Lamborghini ever.

That’s reflected in devastating acceleration, with the benchmark 0-62mph sprint capable of being dispatched in 2.5 seconds and 0-124mph achievable in less than seven seconds.

Predictably, such extreme electrifying performance was not possible on the congested streets of London, where progress was rather more serene on account of the usual heavy traffic. Nevertheless, those who witnessed this most remarkable of displays will never forget the day the Lamborghini Revuelto took automotive showmanship to a new level in the capital.

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